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Ajax file url


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I'm trying to get a file url, using ajax with the page ID :

$file = wire('pages')->get($id)->file->url;

But it outputs the file url without the filename :

/site/assets/files/xxxx/ instead of /site/assets/files/1017/filename.ext

No problem from a template file...

Any solution ? Thanks !

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@mvdesign: sorry, corrected my earlier post -- meant to say bootstrap use, not API use. The principle was correct, though; if I'm guessing right, you're bootstrapping ProcessWire, and thus output formatting is always disabled and file fields will always return arrays, regardless of output settings (including the "output single item if limit is one" setting).

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I already know the problem/answer just by reading post titles like this one in this forum. This problem has come up and answered 1001 times at least. 

I even got in a heated discussion with a co-worker about this, where he just don't get outputformatting, even after explaining him multiple times again and again. He even insisted on that in his particular case it doesn't work even though it should have... 

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