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Website for an event venue: Kulturhaus Wilster


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I want to show you a project that I started developing in summer of 2022 and that went online in january 2023.

Kulturhaus Wilster ("Arts Centre Wilster")


The Kulturhaus Wilster - also called "Wilster's living room" by many visitors - is a socio-cultural center in the heart of Wilster. 
Wilster is a small City located north from Hamburg, germany. Despite the fact that this is a small venue they offer large amount of events.
The events range all the way from concerts to theatre and everything inbetween!

The old version of the site was a super simple WordPress website in a black-and-white only color scheme. In my opinion it did no justice to the very colorful program that the Kulturhaus offers so I tried my best to bring some color into the game.
The whole website should have a shabby-chique look combined with clean, modern elements.

The Homepage offers a preview of the next 8 upcoming events. A blog section is also included and the latest post is displayed next to the event calendar book as PDF download.

The event pages offer a quick-reservation form (tickets are not sold online) and a quick look to the next upcoming events in the sidebar.

The website features a large event calendar. It was a really nice exercise in using ProcessWires very own paging and selector features. Events can be searched and filtered by type (and month), too. All with a few lines of code only. 

For example "Look for events that take place in the future in a specific category" 

$events = $pages->find("select_event_cat.title~|%=$c, template=event, date_event>=today, sort=date_event, sort=time_from, limit=6");

Besides that the website features some colorful content pages with large images, galleries, textboxes and some teaser elements. The editors of the website are able to display all facets of the Kulturhaus this way.

Tech Talk:

Frontend Framework is Bootstrap 4.6

ProcessWire Modules used on this one are:

- WireMail: SMTP (https://processwire.com/modules/wire-mail-smtp/)
- SEO Maestro (https://processwire.com/modules/seo-maestro/)
- All in one minify for asses (https://processwire.com/modules/all-in-one-minify/)
- PageImageSource for webp image srcsets (https://processwire.com/modules/pageimage-source/)
- JkPublishPages is used for time-controlled publishing of the blog posts. Please check out this module! Thanks @Juergen
- @bernhards great RockFrontend was also used. In this particular project only the autorefresh feature (because this module was brandnew back then and development of the page was almost done). But even "only" using autorefresh makes it worth using it!

Please have a look:

image.thumb.png.9f6e0367cd2735b14835210935d1d084.png image.thumb.png.5d6db957416570be02704d6b743f6bc2.png

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