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Capital letters in tags - bug?


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The description for 'add new tag' in (say) the field setup in the back-end UI reads 'You may use letters, digits or underscore.' It does not mention capital letters. However, if capital letters are included, they seem to get converted to lower case.

On the other hand, via the API you can set $field->tags to have values which include capitals and these are then shown correctly in the UI and is maintained correctly in the API. But if you amend other data for the field (say) then  the tag is amended to the lower case version.

Is this a bug? What should the proper behaviour be? It has certainly caught me out - assigning tags with capitals in the API which work fine for a while until some unrelated part of the field is changed and then the tag no longer matches the original.

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It would be nice to know if this was done intentionally, as the UI directly supported capital letters until only recently (3.0.200-210). These tags are used mostly as subheadings in the Admin UI, so I don't know why you wouldn't want them to support capitals.

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Most likely this commit in ProcessField.module (now) at line 2562

- $value = $sanitizer->words($value);
+ $value = $sanitizer->getTextTools()->strtolower($sanitizer->words($value));


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