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ProcessWire Live Templates (aka snippets) for IntelliJ IDEs (like PHPStorm)


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Coming to an IntelliJ IDE (like PHPStorm) near you soon.

Live Templates or snippets provide a short way to write repeating code. You enter an abbrevitation and the editor completes the code for you.

Here is one example when I want to setup a new module:


@bernhard Has snippets for VSCode in his great RockMigrations module also, be sure to check them out, if you use VSCode.

As I use RockMigrations in every PW installation I also add snippets for migrations:



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17 minutes ago, bernhard said:

How does this work? Can you reuse my snippets?

Just the ProcessWire Code, I have to transform everything manually. Sadly IntelliJ has a weird format for the live templates which are stored in an XML file. Sharing and importing isn't also as easy as copying the files to the root directory. Instead you have to import them as settings for the IDE and restart the IDE afterwards.

21 minutes ago, bernhard said:

How does this work?

Live templates are a native function of PHPStorm, I think they were a thing before they existed in VSCode. It is somewhat similar to snippets in VSCode. You have your code and then enter $myvariable$ for inserting user text, or things like $boolean$ or $enum$ and can define values for that.

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6 hours ago, gs-df said:

Any updates @dotnetic? Can't wait... ?

You can import the attached file into your IDE. See instructions here https://www.jetbrains.com/help/phpstorm/sharing-your-ide-settings.html#import-settings-from-a-zip-archive

I don't have much time atm and so I can not provide full instructions and the file not in a repo.

Please note, that if you use settings sync, the import will not work and you have to put the "template" folder of the zip file into your PHPStorm settings folder which is depending on your OS somewhat like C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\JetBrains\PhpStorm2022.2 (Windows)

image.png.3d6dd1578eb5affa95a97080b8669d82.png paste it here!


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