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This thread is for me to announce Padloper releases (until I find a better way to do it). Please use your download link (sent to your email) to get the latest Padloper version.

Please don't post your bug reports on this thread. Instead, create a new thread for that in this support forum. Thanks.


Release Sunday 12 June 2022: Padloper 002


  1. Add Import API (currently for product-related imports only). This allows you to import items (attributes, categories, products, generate variants from scratch, etc) into your padloper shop. Please see the Import API documentation.
  2. Rest of the World Shipping Zone is now fully functional.
  3. Configurable dynamically loaded product variants. This is useful for cases where a product contains lots of variants. Editing such a product will slow down the browser considerable as all children pages (variants) will be loaded as well.

Bug Fixes

Please see the bug fixes prior to today's release date referenced in the bugs and fixes thread.


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