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Reese Modehäuser (Reese Fashion Boutiques)


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I wanted to share my latest website with you. 


It's called "Reese Modehäuser" (beware! It is a german speaking website...) which loosely translates to "Reese Fashion Boutiques". 
A translator is not needed at all. The whole content is "picture-heavy" and there is not much text.

I wanted to create a fashion boutique site that has a very crisp and clear look with huge magazine-like images that showcase the current fashion trends that are for sale.
The page also features a simple blog/news system for posting new content.

Because there are lots of large pictures I wanted to keep those loading times small. So the whole site makes full use of the processwire WEBP image support.
In order to make responsive images in WEBP format available this site makes use of @nbcommunication fantastic PageimageSrcset module: https://github.com/nbcommunication/PageimageSrcset
I can highly recommend this module!

Nowadays everyone has an Instagram page. So I included an Instagram feed directly to the site, again with the help of @nbcommunication and his Instagram Basic Display Api Module: https://processwire.com/modules/instagram-basic-display-api/
This is another fantastic module which I am looking forward to use on other pages.

Other modules I used on this site (als recommended):

- AIOM+ (https://github.com/matjazpotocnik/ProcessWire-AIOM-All-In-One-Minify) for the compression of all JS and CSS files
- Wiremail SMTP (https://processwire.com/talk/topic/5704-module-wiremailsmtp/) for sending mails. I am using a custom form builder system I created myself with some repeater fields.
- Redirects (https://processwire.com/talk/topic/148-release-redirects/


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Nice one... it's amazingly fast even though there are tons of images.

TTFB is almost instant. Where is the site hosted and what kind of hosting is this?
Standard webhosting isn't that fast usually.

Another funny side note... I know this company and actually have bought some of my suits and wardrobe there.
Funny how small the world is.

That's weird!

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Wow it seems the world is getting smaller and smaller ?

I never thought that there are people around here who know this company. But it seems people who like processwire have a good taste overall ?

The hosting service is Domainfactory. I work on a freelance base and am hosting multiple sites via a reseller hosting solution that Domainfactory offers. The server performance you get there is a little bit better that the usual hosting package you would chose when running a single site only.
I am running a few other processwire sites on other servers and can confirm that everything - even the backend - is really fast on this one. Can't wait to put the next site online.

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