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Wow! I'm blown away with Processwire, incredible!

Greg Lumley

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I've only recently stumbled across Processwire. Thanks to ADHD and avoiding doing other work. 

I'm blown away at the power of Processwire. Ryan and all those who've built modules have done an incredible job of making a system that is fully customizable with incredible dev speed. 

Wordpress has so much bloat, it isn't very user friendly when all you want to do is quick a blog post or change. In fact unless you're a geek, It's actually quite daunting. Hell I'm still daunted by it all the time. I've never got my head around the interface layout and placement of menus and settings. 

On top of that, most plugins are trying to cater for anyone everyone and they have more junk to 'impress' than anything else.

I love that I can just build my own functionality with PW easily or find a way to do it. 

What I'm particularly excited about is the end clients point of view.

I could show a client in 5 minutes what they need to do to maintain their site. 

Changing look and theme as looks and trends move on would also be a cinch because no mark-up data is stored within the fields, unlike all the WP editor themes out there. Change templates, new site and look. All legacy data looks as good. 

So thank you to Ryan and the community for Processwire.

I've only recently restarted developing after 15 years and frankly really didn't want to but PW has excited about web development again.

I'm not one for blowing air up peoples arses but when something excites me, it excites me. ?

Now I have to decide on whether I'm going to import my existing website's data or start an entirely new one ?  


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Welcome to the forum @Greg Lumley!

Another great aspect of Processwire vs any other is this forum itself. You have access to many great developers that have been using PW for many years and their depth of knowledge will benefit you with whatever you want to create. So jump right in with any questions!


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Same feeling I had when I found PW around Christmas-time a year and a half ago. It still feels like wrapping up Christmas gifts, every time I find a new useful module (though the modules directory is a bit messy ?).


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