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The idea behind the jobs forum is for anyone looking for paid development work to post their requirements in one place and for developers to get in touch with them.

Any project can be posted, whether it's custom development work, website design, or complete installation and setup of a website.

There are a few guidelines that are useful to bear in mind to help things go smoothly:

  1. Give a good amount of detail about the project so that prospective developers know roughly what will be involved. If a project requires an NDA for any reason, try and give non-specific details such as the type of development work involved (module development etc).
  2. Let people know how to contact you - if no contact details are given, people will most likely PM you on the forums here.
  3. If you have a requirement to work with a developer in the same country as you, please mention this to narrow the field of applicants.
  4. If you are happy mentioning a budget in the open, this is also fine but not required.
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Also wanted to add this as a disclaimer for this forum:

Any arrangement for work made via this board is a private contract between the individuals concerned. ProcessWire and Ryan Cramer / Ryan Cramer Design, LLC or any of its agents cannot be held responsible for the operation of that contract or any of the financial arrangements and will not get involved in any disputes under any circumstances. If it goes wrong for any reason, it should be sorted away from this community.

Thanks to Joss for the suggestion and wording.

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Related to Pete's 3rd point above: It might be helpful to potential respondents if people posting jobs here would also state what timezone they are operating in.

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