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Change page name (URL part) for specific languages after page title change


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Here is situation.

I have multilanguage web site, e.g. default lanugage plus 2 additional languages.
I created all pages and fill content currently only for default language. So now I have 3 very similar URLs, for example for page with title About us:

  • /about-us
  • /de/about-us
  • /fr/about-us

They all have same part "about-us" because the title of my default language page is: About us. And it's ok.

Now, when I start with filling content for alternative languages, this url property (Settings > name) does not change unless I manually edit it.
Basically when I change german title to "Über uns" and save it, name will not change to /de/uber-uns, it will remain as /de/about-us

I understand that it's desireable from SEO point of view, but during initial dev process I would like to force it to change it based on current language title.
Is it possible, did I miss something obvious?

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That's just the way it works. Once a page is saved, you have to manually edit the page-name. Only when you first create it, it takes the title string and creates the name from that.

I guess the reasoning for this is that you shouldn't change page names too often, to avoid too many 403 errors.

There's a module, however, which probably does exactly what you want: https://modules.processwire.com/modules/page-rename-options/

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There's also an option in Batch Child Editor (for edit + upgrade modes): "overwrite names"


Whether to overwrite the name of the page, and not just the title.

But of course, that's meant to be used as batch actions, so you'd always have to select a parent, to edit its children. On the page you're on (page-edit), it won't do anything on its own.

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Very late to this party...

Another possibility (just thinking out loud here) would be to set up a temporary hook that will make the changes for you behind the scenes on save page. You'd need to remember to remove the hook when done developing.

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