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how can client send more emails?

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Client receives this error.

            Server error: '452 too many recipients'

He is an older gentleman (Pastor of a church) and wants to continue using Outlook. I chatted with web hosting tech support, they say he can NOT send to more than 50 addresses at the same time. Client emails are sent to 300-400 people several times per week. I did request an email limit and the host granted the request. Client is allowed to send 750 emails per hour, which is nice.

However I am looking for a solution that allows client to continue using Outlook. I think it might be troublesome to get him to adopt using a phpscript or PWmodule, as he is older and set in his ways.

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Similar background... totally different solution:

  • 2,000 recipients
  • 1 older lady
  • weekly newsletter

Nothing worked out good enough. No software, no CMS plugin, no nothing.

For a small fee each newsletter she now gets kind of proofreading, formatting and everything her newsletter needs.
She writes and sends the newsletter in her mail client (Thunderbird) to me, I copy/paste everything into a plaintext file, format everything, read everything, put it together in Mailchimp and send it out to her recipients. It takes about 20 minutes. Everyone is happy.

As it works so well for her, she wants to send more newsletters with more content, more links in the future. Lucky me.

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