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502 Bad Gateway after 24 hours live?

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I just started with ProcessWire. I love the CMS so far, but I have encountered an issue. After spinning up a small DigitalOcean droplet and installing PW, the default site was working over https with redirects in place. I made some changes, added some fields, messed with the template files, etc. Site was still working.

Showed it off, went to sleep. Woke up, and the droplet was responding to every request with a 502 Bad Gateway.

The only thing I found possibly regarding this issue is that ServerPilot sets up a swap space of 500 MB, but 2GB is recommended. As I am using ServerPilot to manage my DO droplets, I am looking into this.

However, I don't even think I had a swap file enabled through server pilot.

As I'm new to PW, I am wondering if there is anything else I should be looking at to troubleshoot this issue.

Any help very appreciated.

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Sorry to go a little OT here, but I have had two recent experiences with PW on servers with nginx as reverse proxy for apache and have come across lots of nginx errors including 502 and 504 and various slowdowns.

I have always run PW on pure apache servers, so wondering if I am just being unlucky with these hosts.

Are others out there having similar issues?

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If you use the custom Google search in my sig, you'll find a lot of nginx forum threads. One of the oldest is this one, with Ryan chiming in with tips...



Likewise, searching for "bad gateway" or DigitalOcean, you'll find a few other forum posts - some of them mention some special, problematic mySQL versions, others point to some special DB configs...

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Thanks @dragan - I might be off base here, but the servers I have seen this on are still running apache, just with the nginx reverse proxy. I think this makes it different to an nginx-only server.

I have seen similar issues with these bad gateway errors on the same server running Laravel so I don't think it's a specific PW issue, but not really sure at this point and hoping to change servers soon anyways.

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