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Issue while Integrating PHPUnit into Processwire

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Hi All,

I am trying to include the unit tests into our project which is in Processwire(I love it).

Directory structure for the same will be shown below



Here PWTestCase.php is the parent file where it is getting inherited from the PHPUNIT framework TestCase class and It is in same namespace ProcessWire; as shown below


Now I have a basic unit test(FuncTest.php as shown below) to check the language calling the function getLanguage() residing in site/templates/_func.php.


***when try to run this test, getting undefined function getLanguage as shown below***



Since I am using namespace ProcessWire; & bootstraping processwire in PWTestCase why i am not able to access functions? Can you please suggest where i am going wrong?

Thanks in advance.

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      I am currently developing a little application which is supposed to run on a raspberry. I decided to take advantage of PW's capabilities to deal with data not only in the sense of a common website but more as an application. 
      I wrote a lot of modules for this and I wrote tests for some of the methods (using PHPUnit). This works fine so far for methods which are independent from database (e.g. calculating an upcoming date/time by a given schedule). Now I am thinking of extending this by writing tests also for methods which rely on data from the database (e.g. it need to be checked if something exists on that given date/time). This information is currently stored as page in PW. 
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      Thanks in advance.
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      Now that 2.3 has been finished, when will you (Ryan) start developing 2.4?
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      Just interested in how Ryan is going to make PW adopt 5.3, PSR + Composer will push PHP in the future and there are great libraries that are well (unit-)tested and could be used.
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