'Skip width attributes on image tags' not working?

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Hi all,

PW: 3.0.42

I'm trying to have responsive images in the body field. First I need to stop the image tag generated by CKEditor adding the width attribute to the image tag on insertion. I found the 'Skip width attributes on image tags?' in the settings of ProcessPageEditImage and that suggests it does exactly what I'm after.

Sadly, even when this checkbox is checked and a new image is inserted the width attribute is still added.

Am I missing something?


Screenshot 2017-09-25 14.35.04.png

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It applies to images added after the setting is changed. 

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Hi Abdus,

Actually I assumed that so, when testing, I removed the image from the page completely and added an all new one. Same result, the width attribute still keeps being added.


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Hmm. I am having the same issue. 

I did some debugging. It looks like the module is working as intended, and sending response to frontend with 'data-nosize' attribute set correctly. But in pwimage plugin for CKEditor, nosize setting isn't used at all.

// pwimage/plugin.js
function insertImage(src) {
    var $i = $iframe.contents();
    var $img = jQuery("#selected_image", $i);
    // ...
    var $insertHTML = jQuery("<img />").attr('src', src).attr('alt', alt);
    // ...
    if (width > 0) $insertHTML.attr('width', width);

    // ...
    // ...


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