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hrdiamonds.com - HR company based in Vienna, Austria


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I built this website for my client hrdiamonds.com - a great HR company based in Vienna, Austria. They were totally unhappy with the result of the former agency so it was easier to rebuild the website from scratch than adopting the old CMS (that was actually only 2 years young!)...

Design by @lokomotivan built with UiKit



  • Frontend-Editing
  • barba.js for smooth page transitions

  • ProCache, of course :)


Favourite client quote of the CEO:


I would like to hug you! The last two years when I said "website" everybody got angry - now everybody smiles...


Happy to hear your feedback :)

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Great site and nice feedback by your client. ;)

There is not much to say except, that the usage of responsive images could improve the experience on retina displays. Also could the logo be replaced with an SVG in my opinion.

Maybe it is just me, but could it be that the team images are a little bit stretched? I only watched the site on mobile so far.

Regards, Andreas

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