mystyles.js in /site/ not affecting CKeditor fields

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I have updated mystyles.js to include another row with another style


I have saved the file path in my field options


I have cleared cache, refreshed, tried different browsers but nothing makes this list change:


I also tried giving the file different name, and a different string within the file (still matching the filename, or not)

The only way I could get it to work was by deleting the path in the field option and modifying mystyles.js in /wire, but obviously this isn't ideal.

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Is the align_left class authorized - in the body field - for all elements (including the img and p elements), for the img and p elements separately, or only for the img element?

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Hi guys!

I have to say that I too had the same problem as cjx2240.

The solution suggested by Gideo So was the trick!

You need to add mystyles: before the path like so...




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