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Guest can not see content

Cengiz Deniz

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Guests can not see page content. But users can.


Guest window:



User /Admin Window




And this is my template file:

	   <h3> <?php echo "$page->title Konusunda özlüsözler"; ?> </h3> 
$kisiler= $pages->find("template=kisi,sort=title,repeater_ozlusoz=[ozlusoz_konusu=$page->id]");

foreach ($kisiler as $kisi) {
	foreach($kisi->repeater_ozlusoz as $aforism) {

	$tags = '';

		foreach ($aforism->ozlusoz_konusu as $tag) { $tags .= '<a href="'.$tag->url.'">'.$tag->title.'</a>&nbsp; &nbsp;'; }
	if ($tag->id == $page->id) {
   echo '<p>'.$n.'. <a href="'. $kisi->url .'">'.$kisi->title.'</a> : "<i>'. $aforism->ozlusoz.'</i>"<br/>&nbsp; &nbsp; Etiketler: '.$tags.' </p>';
	$n=$n+1; }


I  checked Template and Field Permisions.  Cache disabled.

Thank you for your help




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