SQL error when trying to create a new language

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Hello everybody!

I am trying to create a new language on a fresh multilanguage install of processwire, and i keep getting this SQL error:

SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'pages.name1020' in 'where clause'

I got this error on the current master release (which i think is 3.0.42 as of now), then i tried to use 3.0.35 to doublecheck, but i still keep getting this error. Steps to reproduce look for me like this:

  1. Install PW (using multilangauge profile)
  2. Create a new Language

The new language is still being created, but is greyed out when editing content. So, is this a bug, or am i overlooking something? Thanks in advance.

Edited by salzig
forgot to mention that i am using the standard multilanguage site profile

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I think I had this problem as well. I believe I solved it by changing the default PW 3 config.php file. There could be 2 lines in there in the database section that you can comment out or delete, one should be the db connection type. 

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Thank you for looking into this Marc! I checked the config.php file, but there are only the usual connection settings like db name, host and password. No connection type specification or anything of interest.

While trying to further track down the issue, i noticed that after fresh installation with multilanguage site profile, in the settings tab of the homepage i am only seeing the name field for the english language, where as according to documentation i should be seeng fields for all three languages (english, german and finnish). I am appending a screenshot of the settings tab of my homepage right after the fresh installation.

I am still completely lost - what happened to the other two languages?


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I am still struggling with this one. Looks like i am the only one having this odd problem. Maybe any ideas, how to track this down?

Now, is this the correct table structure for table "pages" right after the installation with the builtin multilang site profile?


Column Type Null Default Comments
id int(10) No     
parent_id int(11) No   
templates_id int(11) No   
name varchar(128) No     
status int(10) No   
modified timestamp No  CURRENT_TIMESTAMP   
modified_users_id int(10) No   
created timestamp No  2015-12-18 06:09:00   
created_users_id int(10) No   
published datetime Yes  NULL   
sort int(11) No   
name1012 varchar(128) Yes  NULL   
status1012 int(10) No   
name1013 varchar(128) Yes  NULL   
status1013 int(10) No   
name1020 varchar(128) Yes  NULL   
status1020 int(10) No   

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I can't reproduce it here, so something in your installation has to be different. Which versions of PHP and MySQL are you running? Did you choose any non-default options when installing PW (like InnoDB storage engine)?

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