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CKEditor 'refreshing'?

Mike Rockett

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2 hours ago, BitPoet said:

Any spell checker plugins active in the browser?

No plugins. Using a default Firefox install. And no third-party PW modules are installed either.

2 hours ago, Macrura said:

i had that problem also, and could never figure out how to fix it or what was causing it;
from what i remember it was only happening in FF did you try chrome?

So that must be the problem then. Chrome seems to be fine.

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7 hours ago, Mike Rockett said:

Not sure what's going on here, by CKEditor keeps refreshing and resetting the cursor to the beginning of the first line.

Is your CKEditor inputfield set to less than 100% width? Or in a fieldset that is less than 100% width? If so the culprit is probably the height spacer JS.

GitHub issue here, has never been completely fixed. Only solution for me is never set CKEditor field at less than 100% width.

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