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Better comment management

Peter Knight

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Would love to see following features in the admin Comments field type.

  • Ability to display more than 10 comments at a time
    This could be a setting in the field type itself?
  • Ability to bulk - manage comments
    This could be a checkbox to the right of every comment and a way then to bulk-action

These are a clients wish. We moved his site recently to PW and he has approx 6000 comments to moderate and a very active commenting audience.

He was on WordPress for years, moved to MODX and now is running ProcessWire. He loves PW btw - this is literally the only admin feature he misses.

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Don't have worked with PW comments so far but what's about Lister Pro - could Lister grab comments from pages and show them nice?

Hmm, thats an interesting thought. I'll have a look later. There would probably be no batch controls but it's an interesting approach.

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Here you go, a temporary solution as you await Ryan's response to your request: ProcessCommentsManagerEnhanced
This is a slightly enhanced version of the current core ProcessCommentsManager. I've tested it in the current dev version of PW and it works fine. I cannot provide any guarantees nor support the module though :-)....it is a working-nicely-proof-of-concept.

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Started own thread; referenced it here
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