Filedtype&Inputfield developer needed

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I'm looking for filedtype&inputfield developer for my project. 

If you "can & interested in extra $$$ for few days of development & have time this/next week" - please send me personal message.

Posting here few descriptions:

$200: this one ->

$500: time slot booking with dependent subfield (e.g. select time slot => get available user by ajax => select user)

More detailed description => in personal messenger.

Project is constantly developing, so quick help with job above => constant new job.

Offer is valid till 4th of Sept.

Edit: developed modules should be also freely available for PW community (you are author).

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    • By verdeandrea
      Hello girls and guys,
      i'm looking for an Italian ProcessWire Developer that could help me with a website.
      I've developed a web platform for car sellers since three year now. The website is a training and motivational platform, and every year it has a new "edition" with a new theme a new graphics, but the backend part is mostly the same every year.
      This year the platform has to be released around the 30th of November but i won't be working for 2 weeks around that date.
      So I'm looking for someone who can maintain the website and  help my clients with possible bugs or problems during these two weeks. This person should know how PW works, should be able to understand and write PHP and fix some minor problem on the front-end side.
      My client is Italian that's why he or she has to be Italian-speaking.
      If you are interested or you know someone who cold fit this request, please send an email to andrea at andreaverde dot it or write me a pvt message here.
    • By carloswinkel
      Hi everyone! I'm Carlos, nice meeting ya all!
      I want to build a simple job board similar to, but with Paypal integration. Job submissions would only be posted after payment via Paypal.
      Is it possible to build it with ProcessWire? If so, could you please point me any tutorials, tips, anything that could help me getting start?

      PW has been on my radar for a while now, and I'd love to be able to build this project with it!!?
    • By Mikkelsen
      I have never worked with Processwire only with Wordpress and Drupal so I need to team up with a good programmer.
      The project is a travel agency website where you can get a lot of information about the destinations, cities, hotels etc. 
      When you find your destination/hotel the user can request a price trough a formular. There are not going to be a option for credit card payment. The website needs to be responsive as well. 
      Responsive website (The dekstop layout is done) Offer request formular (No credit card payment) Google map integration with a link to the description page Import price and description information for each hotel, destination etc. trough XML or CSV file.  If your interessted I can send you further details.
      Budget: 3600$
    • By Jonathan Lahijani
      I'm an independent contractor and work with a lot of different clients.  Most of the sites I do are light, medium or heavy content-based sites.  ProcessWire is my go to system for these types of sites, or WordPress if the client really insists.
      I stay fairly busy and I've reached a point where I need to have a reliable, go-to developer that I can subcontract work to when I am too busy to take on the work by myself.  This could lead to be a steady stream of projects to work on.
      I'm looking for someone with the following skills:
      strong php skills can do design conversion correctly (that is, taking a PSD and hand-converting it into html/css/js); also knows how to do mobile-first responsive design with either framework strong experience with Bootstrap and/or Zurb Foundation; using it SASS or LESS is a plus some experience with Grunt, Bower (the basics) knows how to make a theme/template from scratch (ideally using a starter theme like and organize files and code in a modular/partialized way (note: for my ProcessWire based sites, I use a starter template based on for ProcessWire) strong experience with ProcessWire or WordPress (at least one of the two) understands how to best organize information and properly structure a site based on a CMS's capabilities (for example, using Custom Post Types and Taxonomies in WordPress; when to uses Pages vs. Custom Post Types, etc.) very organized and takes pride in their work If you are interested, please send me a private message or email (jlahijani at with the following:
      a list of some recent sites that you have done along with a couple sentences about each explaining the CMS, tools and approach used.  i don't care much about the design of the site as opposed to the development part. your general preferred approach in developing medium-large content sites your location a little about yourself your website (if you have one) anything else you feel that you'd like to say Thank you,
    • By valan
      Hello professional PW world!
      Not being a developer/designer myself (its rather my hobby), I've liked PW for its simplicity and flexibility and even developed simple site with it. However more complex sites require time to grow professionalism in PHP/JS/design/etc - something that I can't get quickly and without impact on my main work. As a result, I'd like to post job here.
      In brief - I'm looking for professional PW + PHP developer for full-cycle PW-powered site development. 
      Site will be analogy of Differences come from content that will be provided during development (another business area, specifically, education + content language is Russian (but I'll need to leave possibility to easily switch to other languages)). All the rest (front-end design concept, site structure, frond-end and back-end functionality, etc) is the same.
      Please check this site to get full picture and understand scope of work. Take into account that functionality includes work with external APIs: authorization from social sites, Google maps, payment gateway, support chat. Hope this helps to estimate budget and time.
      Please contact me with questions and proposals at Or leave comments here. Thank you!
      Best regards,
      P.S. As I plan to develop few other PW-powered sites, more job may come.