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Hi, and thank you for this wonderful CMS, perfect for my needs! Im a newbie so i would have some questions.

I was wondering how i could create a menu like this:


Could somebody show me an code example? I got i working but they would have to enter the parent page before.

Thank you!


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Hi gottberg and welcome to the forums. Searching these forums with the term 'treemenu' will give u 4 or 5 topics which deal with various ways to do multi-level/recursive navigation. Just choose the one which best suits your needs. In one of those topics apeisa mentioned something about a simple navigator module but i don't know if this was ever made.

On a side note, and in case Ryan is reading this: These questions about menus and navigation come up a lot. Wouldn't i be a good idea to expand this page: http://processwire.c...art/navigation/ to include some information about approaches to do multi-level stuff. Maybe some common scenarios and corresponding functions?

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