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  1. Hi, I have a custom module i made a few years ago from where the users can add pages and PW automatically adds some children for them. The children have some of the values same as the parent. Now I need to update some fields for the children always when the parent is updated. I have never worked with PW hooks before but if iI understand them correctly it should do the trick? Could someone help me and give a few pointers so I can get a grasp on how I should do it? ? Simon
  2. Thank you so much for the help you gave! Bernhard helped me through Skype and TeamViewer and solved the issue. I have and had some issues with MAMP. He also gave me some pointers of how to use RockGrid and best practises etc. Worth every €!!! I recommend to use RockGrid if you need to list and edit data. I also recommend to contact Bernhard and buy some support if you want to quickly learn how to use RockGrid! ?
  3. Sorry, didnt think that through ? I get the same errors i Firefox: JqueryCore.js?v=1545420649:2 POST http://localhost/celsa/pw/celsacalc/?RockGrid=1&field=Transportzoner net::ERR_CONTENT_DECODING_FAILED 200 (OK) Could i have some issues with the Module? Also shows undefiend: 25 Edit: Trashcan also shows as undefined.
  4. Okey, but if i delete it does not do that. I just spins and when i refresh the page it is deleted. Any ideas?
  5. Should the page refresh when using the view, edit, delete if i would delete the page through RockGrid? col = RockGrid.colDefs.rowActions(col); col.pinned = 'left'; col.width = 120; For now it just spins and if i refresh the page it shows that the deletion worked. My console: [{action: "trash", payload: ["1949"], response: "Trashed 1 pages"}]
  6. Hi, This works great for numbers above hundred but it does not work when the range is 61-99 for example. Do you know what could cause the problem? EDIT: I solved the issue by using findOne(), wierd but now i get the results i wanted.
  7. Sorry, im bad at explaining. It's a backend module and i use RockGrid to display lots o different data. The data is loaded from PW. The question i had from the beginning was if i could create a RockGrid with plain PHP. The module has a form that gets submited with data, and i wanted to create a RockGrid just with the POST data, that originally was not getting saved. Now the data gets saved to a page and i can easily use RockGrid with that data. Small offtopic question: Can i change the separator to comma somehow? Thanks!
  8. Thanks, this got it working! I tried this earlier but i must have had a spelling error. ?
  9. Thanks for the fast reply! I still get zero results, so i seems like its not working. ?
  10. Hi, The template has 2 fields with numbers, lets call them n1 and n2. I want to find the page which fits my current number. For example my number = 10 Pages: PageID 1: n1 1 - n2 10 PageID 2: n1 11 - n2 20 PageID 3: n1 21 - n2 30 So i want this to return the pageID 1. With mySQL it would be something like this: SELECT * FROM numberTable WHERE 1265 BETWEEN `FROM` AND `TO`; I have tried multiple selectors but can't get it to work. Any suggestions?
  11. I meant that i would create a template to which the form would be submited so that i could use RockGrid as usual. I did that and i works great for this use! ? I would love to share but since its for the customers internal use im not allowed to share anything.. ? Once again thank you!
  12. Thanks for fast reply! Well in this case i would want the export to csv which would be convenient since the project uses RockGrid for many of the listings. ? I could save the form to a own template which would only be updated on submit, then i would get the export feature too ?
  13. @bernhard Thanks for the great module! Just started to use in in a project and it has helped me save a ton of time! Is it possible to create a grid just by PHP? Saw that there was a Javascript possibility but i would need to create grid from a form submit.
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