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  1. Thank you, it worked! If not for another fourm post you posted. I wouldn't know anything about template!= inside selector... MSN doc isn't helping much with example 'selector' => '' why not update and use something like this 'selector' => 'template!={templatename.php}' ? Once again, Thank you
  2. I don't know if this have been asked before, but I couldn't find anything that can solve my issues with MSN. I only wonder could MSN hide specific submenu and leave others intact? Allow me to elaborate. On my page tree in PW I have 3 pages that contain children pages in each. Parent1 Child1 Child2 Child3 Parent2 Child1 Child2 Child3 Parent3 Child1 Child2 Child3 The goal is to hide specific sub-menu in parent's name? Only on viewing page. Parent1 Child1 Child2 Child3 Parent2 Child1 Child2 Child3 Parent3 (child menu hidden whole time, no dropdown or hover over and still intact in PW admin only) Here's complete code... <nav id="navDT"> <?php $nav = $modules->get("MarkupSimpleNavigation"); $nav_options = array( 'show_root' => true, 'outer_tpl' => '<ul class="nav">||</ul>', 'inner_tpl' => '<ul class="drop">||</ul>', ); echo $nav->render($nav_options); ?> </nav> If its not possible... Are there any other ways? Thanks in advance
  3. yes...Confirmed, I have commented it out. (This line was commented out in live server with editor.)
  4. @adrian - Enabling 'Development' mode got debugger bar to show up. (PW in livehost) Thank you. @tpr - let me guess, is that what I should look for??
  5. Okay, Tracy Debugger module is installed, I 've uncomment line :913 bd($ckeCSS); and :961 bd($adminCSS); on AdminOnSteroids.module inside .AdminOnSteroids directory.I have read and followed carefully, I understand am supposed to look for debug bar once debugger is installed. Apparently, its not show any bar. I use chrome browser with firelogger installed. Yes, I've confirmed debugger is enabled, The bar to display at front and back is checked, the uncommented, line 913 and 961 and cleared cache after Tracy debugger module is installed. Now I am getting confused... what am I missing?
  6. Sorry for delay in respond, Just returned home from out of town during holiday. Pardon for my ignorance, Tracy Debugger? Is that PW modules? Plugin? I have looked into this https://processwire.com/blog/posts/introducing-tracy-debugger/ and still not yet sure understand how or where I can preform debugging. Can you explain?
  7. Module that work for you... was this working on localhost or livehost? It didn't work on me when I download and tried yours from livehost but worked on localhost. Although I did some test, I've added the code string at the very bottom of AdminOnSteroids.css. and this worked on livehost. So I am guessing somewhere in your module, i didn't detect admin.css in subpage of livehost.
  8. Edit: File permission for admin.css is set at 644 as default following config.php. I have created new css file and call them two.css, added same code string, and set site/templates/two.css into asset path. It doesn't detect two,css either. Can you elaborate how could I access admin.css through browser. Sure I can access .css for template with browser but not knowing how I could this for admin. Here are view source for Admin... it seem like it isn't detecting admin.css from site/templates/...
  9. Template with no "s" was my typo in this thread only. Here's dev tool Seem like it did not admin.css when i filtered it out. Although file is already there in livehost site same way I did in localhost.
  10. Yes, clearing cache have solved issues... Now I am facing a new problem right after updating. This come from old tread discussion on page tree If you can remember... With this code that saved in /site/template/admin.css... .PageListItem:not(.PageListItemOpen) span.PageListNumChildren.detail:not(:empty):before { content: " ← click to show children - Number of Children: " !important; } This showed up without problem on localhost running latest update of AOS 1.0.9 after transferring files from localhost into livehost... It doesn't show, seem like admin.css isn't recognized. It happen right after I updated AOS 1.0.9. However, I tried another approach. I've added site/template/admin.css into asset path it still wouldn't recognize. I have uninstall and reinstall, refresh cache and yet problem still exisit.
  11. Thank you @szabesz @LostKobrakai I'd do same as you ... although collect some resources can increase better understanding how module works, especially help to detect bugs lot easier.
  12. Oh yeah, I have googled up... ALOT before I could ask question here in this thread ( I should have made that clear earlier). I always end up with different result like PW for beginner, some thread discussion on something else and etc... I guess, google isn't friendly to me today . Thank you for your help, everything you gave out will do good for me!
  13. The deeper I got into PW, it got me more curious on building modules. But unfortunately for me, I couldn't find any steps for beginner. Can anyone point me where or how can I get started? Thanks in advance
  14. Usually, If you click on any input box in PW you'd see cursor blinking. This will confirm that input box is active. Now If you hold down Shift key on keyboard before you could hit on any keys on keyboard (i.e. to create first capital letter). The input box becomes deactive, the blinking cursor will disappear The current version i had problem was 0.9.7. I just updated to 1.0.9... Unfortunately, the problems still exist.
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