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Found 7 results

  1. Unfortunately, this magazine has bitten the dust but they were gracious enough to have their entire back catalogue available for download. https://secure2.linuxjournal.com/pdf/dljdownload.php
  2. I am subscribed to MacUpdate's daily newsletter, and there is a new promotion: https://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/56703/gopanel I'm sharing the link of my email, since there is no sign of the 50% off on the site: normally the promotional offers of apps at MacUpdate are also indicated on these pages as well, but this time it is not for some reason (human error?). Anyway, reading up a bit on goPanel, some of you might be interested in it. Check out the "user guide" for a quick overview of the features: http://gopanel.io/user_guide and the FAQ: http://gopanel.io/faq Currently goPanel provides basic functionality but for the current $12.49 offer (one time payment, unlimited servers, lifetime access) it looks like a good utility for those interested (they say they are planning to add more features.) Edit: I removed my email's link from this post, because in the meantime they updated the app's page, so you can get the discount by going there.
  3. Greetings! I'm a non-tech trying to get some info for my IT Manager in Hong Kong. We have a developer who created a Process Wire site for us and we want to host it ourselves on a virtual machine using our Azure cloud platform. According to my IT Manager, ProcessWire is developed with PHP5, a common/popular language on the Linux platform. He advised: "although ProcessWire can run on a Windows server, since it's based on PHP it’s best and most efficient to run on the Linux platform." He is asking the preferred Linux distribution for PW. Any advise or link to a installation guide would be appreciated. Many thanks, David
  4. clsource


    I found this the other day http://www.vagrantup.com/ and it's awesome to make a virtual machine with just one command vagrant up and have all you need to code with processwire.
  5. Dear ProcessWire Support, I am new at ProcessWire and I am trying the new 3.x development versions. As the new version 3.0.8 devns was new released, I test if was possible to move to the new version by linking the wire folder and the index.php and .htaccess as symlink from a version repository with the different pw versions. But this does not work, it seems that pw is not able to use the symlinks. The apache directory configuration contains the required setting: Options -FollowSymLinks +SymLinksIfOwnerMatch Is it principally be possible to use symlinks and when what must be configured? Best regards Ralf Krämer
  6. So I created a little python script. https://gist.github.com/anonymous/10001724 create a new file and give it execute permissions chmod +x ./pw You can fetch the lastest PW code from git an start a new project. ./pw <new-project-name> Also if you want a specific version ./pw <new-project-name> dev 2.4.0 Will create a new folder with your project name if you need help ./pw help Tested in my Linux machine.
  7. I've now twice noticed a problem after I deployed a version to a live server. For example the top buttons in Admin. Usually they are in the order: Pages Setup Modules Access Only when I pushed everyting (incl database export) live the order seems to have changed to Pages Modules Setup Access I also noticed a simple selector seems to ignore the sort I used, and used I think the ID for sorting. It was a critical moment so I quick-hacked a sort after the selector got it results, and thus was not able to get the source ot the problem. The production server uses CentOS with Php 5.2.17 and MySQL 5.0.51a Before I lose hours in debugging and testing, maybe anyone has noticed the same issues and already figured out what was wrong?
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