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Found 12 results

  1. anyone, any ideas how to solve? i get following error on a website: Notice: Undefined variable: out in /var/sites/i/islandmemorials.co.uk/public_html/site/templates/includes/functions.php on line 43 and this is a code in that very functions file: <?php function numberOpen() { date_default_timezone_set("Europe/London"); $currentHour = date('G'); if($currentHour > 9 && $currentHour < 21) { $openFor = 21 - $currentHour; if($openFor > 1) { echo "We're currently open for another ".$openFor." hours, why not pop in?"; } e
  2. I am wondering, how do you pass a variable into wire('page')->get() inside a function? I have been looking through the forums, but unfortunately I have not found the answer yet. My current set up is: function generateNewPages($parentPageName) { $p = new Page(); $p->template = "parent"; $p->parent = wire('pages')->get('/home/'); $p->name = $parentPageName; $p->title = $parentPageName; $p->of(false); $p->save(); $p2 = new Page(); $p2->template = "child"; $p2->parent = wire('pages')->get('$parentPageName'); $p2
  3. Hello, Another newbie question. My Processwire sites is growing and I'm wondering if my way of doing things sounds goog to you. I tend to avoid what I consider 'heavy and frequent' database requests in my functions. For example : // In functions.php myfunction($player) { wire('$pages')->find("myselectors"); // This means about 300 database requests do something... (like $p->newTmpField = 1;) return $player; } // In template.php $allPlayers = $pages->find("template=player"); // About 300 players foreach ($allPlayers as $p) { myfunction($p); } // Now I have access to n
  4. Hello, I've been struggling ALL day on my loading time problem and I'm stuck... As I said somewhere else on the Forum, I'm discovering TracyDebugger module to try and help me (and it does help !), but I'm still in a dead-end. Tracy told me one of my page loads about 4,500 pages and I can't find any way to make it less (and let me tell you that my website is far from having so many users/visitors or whatever, it's just a teacher's website to try to work differently in class). I have a feeling I am mis-understanding some concepts here. The page can be seen there : http://planetale
  5. Hi, I'm new to PW and still a novice in PHP. I was just wondering how does one access PW within a function? do I pass the entire $page variable to getTitle()? or do I use global $page within the function...I'm confused.. Especially considering there must be a performance penalty for passing entire page variable when I only need a few variables from it (for example $page->long_title, $page->menu_title, $page->short_title). function getTitle() { $long_title = $page->long_title; $title = !empty($long_title) ? $long_title : $page->title; return $title; }
  6. Hi, I'm developing mailbox and I wanna rather use single class then making pages. Here is the plan (or I think that its a good plan): - I have mailbox.php template and mailbox page - when user click on mailbox, on sidebar he have options to write/read massages to and from ppl Instead of making these pages, and to prevent "ugly URLs" I wanna offer user to call write msg like: http://www.domain.com/mailbox/?actionType=newMail. Also, I think that this will be useful for some other stuff which I wanna add to my project. I'm not skilful but wanna learn stuff. Cheers
  7. I just installed ProcessWire for the first time and I've perused the documentation but haven't seen an explanation of the template files that start with an _. Can someone explain to me how those work? Also, how come they have an opening php tag but no closing tag? Is there anything that explains this in depth?
  8. Hello everyone. I thought I'd share a few of the functions I've been working on in case any new users etc find them useful. I've not been programming in PHP long, so excuse the sloppy code, and if you find any errors etc, let me know and I will update it. The following function basically takes your $page date and returns it in either hours and minutes if the page is less than a day old, or as sandard if it's older. This could also be extended to display the date as yesterday etc as well. If people are interested, I can add more, and feel free to add your own. function formatDate($item
  9. I'm trying to create a module that will execute functions when a button is pressed. What would be the best way to implement this? The options I've considered are: Using a Process and creating a page in the admin section of the website; Or perhaps creating a module and having a button on the settings page; There are probably other ways to do this that I haven't considered. I'd be open to suggestions. Thanks for any help
  10. The title of this thread isn’t very precise (or correct), sorry for that. Also: possibly this is the wrong section of the forum. I think this is a more general PHP programming question, that’s why I put it here. I have a module that triggers a function after a page is saved in the backend. That function includes a file from a folder in the same directory. After the include I want to trigger a function from the included file. So the basic setup is this: <?php class MyAwesomeModule extends WireData implements Module { … public function init() { $this->pages->addHookAfter( "sa
  11. Hi! I'm working on my first processwire project and everything is working ok, but i have a question stuck in mi head: which is the "best" way to organize functions and stuff on php/processwire (is my first php project too). I have something like this: -- functions.inc -- home.php -- foo.php -- bar.php functions.inc have all the "get" functions that pull out content of the database, like: function getHomeNews($posts){ $out = array; foreach($posts as $post){ $out["name"] = $post->title; } return $out; } then in my home.php template i put a "render" function and do the echo thing to s
  12. Greetings, I wonder if someone can help me with this issue. I am trying to use a file uploaded via backoffice in a template file but with no success. I am using the same sintax as images, but it seems it doesn't work: $image = $page->images->getRandom(); // this works $file = $page->files->getRandom(); // this doesn't I've tried pop(), first() and other functions but I believe I must be missing something. Thanks for everything.
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