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  1. ok, i've added the site http://www.starsabalestrino.it/ !
  2. Ryan, If you not have time to setup an account we can point to my server for now! We can do the transfer when you have a moment in the future
  3. You are right. But there is this option: It is not exactly what you explained, but usually a word with more of 3-4 chars can be considerated a real keyword.
  4. Hi Timo, the _() function stands for gettext() function (see here: http://php.net/manual/en/function.gettext.php). Maybe you have not enable the gettext module ?
  5. Mee too I had trouble with RSS graffiti. Also Hootsuite read RSS and push all entries on the social network you prefer. Sincerly is the first time i heard of dlvr.it, good to know
  6. If i understand correctly you want to change the standard publish workflow ? If right is a missing (?) feature of PW, in fact it will be useful to change the standard workflow especially when you have a lot of editor with different roles. A real-life scenario is in a editorial staff, when all journalists submit their article to editor and only the editor have the power to publish the article.
  7. In fact it was the main goal of my module. But if i only had knew the existence of fieldtypecache maybe i clould save some lines of code
  8. Oh God, Oh God, so 70% of my module is useless. I saw now that fieldtypecache is in the core but not listed on this site, also the name of the module was for me misleading because i always think that "cache" was for templates (html,css,js and so on).
  9. I have used many times URL segments with no problems. What version of PW are you using ? Try to look with the web inspector if there are two redirects or one. I think if there is one redirect is an .htaccess problem; 2 (maybe) PW problems.
  10. Hi Hani, Try this: RewriteBase / RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^www\. [NC] RewriteRule ^(.+) http://www.mydomain.com/$1 [L,R=301]
  11. Hi MarcC, maybe this module could be useful: http://modules.processwire.com/modules/schedule-pages/
  12. Thank you all for feedbacks! I will try to adjust the "jumpy" menu; is really annoying. @NooseLadder You are right when you say if the target audience can understand this, my opinion is: "They can't understand". Sad to say but i can't do anything in this case, because i'm only a tech guy . Certainly i will explain this problems, but this type of decisions come from meetings with all project partners so it will take a lot of time.
  13. Sorry all for the enormous delay on responses, all my colleagues are on holiday so all client requests come to me Great ryan, for me is ok to setup an account on your server!
  14. Uhm, have you got some PDF or doc on your site? I suspect that it throws an error because I don't extract the text correctly from files.
  15. Hi Kent, have you tried my module ? After install, you search only in indexer field independently from number of fields you have. So this line: $matches = $pages->find("teaserBody|contentHeadline|contentBody~=$q, limit=20"); will be replaced by $matches = $pages->find("indexer~=$q, limit=20"); Let me know if you experienced some problems
  16. Wanze if you have a lot of text fields you need to search in if you would have better results
  17. Hi Hieu, first of all welcome to PW! When i saw all the tables created from PW i was afraid too, but there are some functionalities that maybe can help: 1) You can set some fields that load only when you access them. 2) You can set "$config->dbCache = true" for caching the queries. 3) I think the search is the major problem concerning the memory consumption because by default the PW need to search in every field and so in every DB table. But i made a module that store all the keywords extracted from those fields in only one, doing so PW search in only ONE table without any JOIN. 4) There is also the cache of the entire page. Look at this module and here I must say that currently i don't had the chance to do a site with a million records, it would be interesting if we can do a test with tons of pages ! USSliberty
  18. Hi guys, i was reading this thread and remind me something i have tried to do many months ago: http://processwire.com/talk/topic/2280-change-template-file-of-a-single-page/ http://processwire.com/talk/topic/2339-module-test-views/?hl=%2Bproof+%2Bconcept I think that we are all looking the same objective but in different ways, so i read that the "render()" method handles in a more cleaner way the change of the file that render the page but i don't know how to use it in a module, because i would manage that views directly from the admin. I hope i have explained well.... USSliberty
  19. Hi all, i have updated the module. Now you can reindex all pages at once!
  20. Ok, site updated! You think that we can go online ? There is something i forgot ?
  21. Ok guys, i think i nearly finish. Only two things: 1. Have you got some other sites built on PW ? 2. Who wants to be added as an italian developer ? PS: I dropped the support of IE < 9
  22. I agree, So from now only English stuff here!
  23. Non ho notato questa cosa, anche perché ho copiato senza pensarci troppo per ora Vedo di riprodurre comunque il problema. Ho visto che nell'URL che ho messo si è infilato un carattere in più alla fine (con lo slash funziona cmq) quindi l'ho corretto. Ciao Marco, per le frasi io terrei comunque sempre l'italiano (a parte gli acronimi tipo CMS o cose di questo genere).
  24. Thank you totoff! I choose processwire because i need to learn without having some imminent deadlines. in fact in this 2 years i'm sure that i can learn and develop some new functionalities that i can use for other sites. Technically the site for now is really simple, but as far as i know we need to build a community of experts, and I'm pretty sure that i can build it on PW. It's a challenge, but after some runs on buddypress + wordpress (here http://esse-community.eu and here http://occ.governee.cere.net) i really need to try something new
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