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  1. Most of the times I use redirects for temporary purposes, usually for short links that should change over time (for example, `https://mysite.org/conference-signup`). So it was important for me that this module could redirect with other status codes, mainly 302, instead of 301. I haven't created any ProcessWire modules yet, but I decided to try and improve apeisa's module, and I got it to work like I wanted, so I thought I should contribute this to the community. I know I should make a pull request, but I'm not experienced in git yet and I have little time now, so the best I can do now is leave here the file for you to see if you want. I'm sorry for this. I added a column "status" to the table process_redirects, like this: `status` enum('301','302','303','307') NOT NULL DEFAULT '302', I only used the status codes specified on the documentation for $session->redirect. In future I'd like to specify them in a constant or static property (not sure), and then use it to generate the options in the edit form. I haven't bumped version, and I'm not sure how to procceed about updating the database schema. Could you have a look, please? ProcessRedirects-tomasanjosbarao.module
  2. By disabling Autojoin it works! Thanks, @wbmnfktr! Is it normal that it doesn't work when autojoined, or is it a bug?
  3. Hey guys, I'm having a hard time troubleshooting this one: my multilanguage fields save data outside repeaters, but inside any repeater they just won't save, unlike all other fieldtypes. What I've tried so far: Recreating the repeater matrix from scratch — problem persists Using multi-language fields on a regular repeater instead of a repeater matrix — problem persists Removing all language support modules and reinstalling — problem persists If I change the multi-language fields into single-language types, they start saving right, but if I change them back to multi-language, the problem persists. Changing the multilanguage field via API `$page->repeaterfield[0]->setAndSave("title","Meow")` — works, but I need it in the admin form To try to figure out the problem I did this: $wire->addHookAfter("Pages::saved(template=repeater_content)", function($event) { $page = $event->arguments(0); $changes = $event->arguments(1); $values = $event->arguments(2); bdb($page); bdb($changes); bdb($values); }); The hook is only triggered when I also change a non-multi-language field. On the dumped $page the title field is there like I changed it in the form. But something must happen after Page::saved that restores it back to what it was. Where would you look next to find the solution...? Thank you very much for your help!
  4. Thanks for your work, Robin. 🙂 Has someone had "The page isn’t redirecting properly" problems with this module...? I disabled LanguageSupportPageNames and have not installed PagePathHistory; tried different pages in both the canonical url and my chosen url and this always happens. Despite the good considerations on this post about avoiding changing paths, I think most people will eventually need this type of functionality.
  5. Thank you for the good advice (specially on mantaining a healthy subscriber list). ? It seems feasible to use your own SMTP, as long as you keep within the hosting provider's limitations and set up everything correctly. https://www.mail-tester.com/ is a great help.
  6. I love ProcessWire and I'm considering buying ProMailer for the company I work in. We send a newsletter to ~1500 adresses about three times a month. Do you think it's imperative to subscribe an SMTP service like Mailgun? As long as SPF, DKIM and DMARC are correctly set up, is it reliable to use just your own SMTP, from your shared hosting? Is there anyone here using ProMailer without an external service? Thank you for your advice.
  7. Great, then, I'll wait for the tutorial and meanwhile I might get some time to explore.
  8. Can I still join, @bernhard? I'd really like to learn this. Thanks!
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