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  1. Hi Silvestro, if You use Facebook Graph API for PHP you can take a new Long Live Access Token like this: // $fb = new \Facebook\Facebook(...) // get fresh Access Token before current Access Token expire $newLongLiveUserAccessToken = $fb->getOAuth2Client()->getLongLivedAccessToken($savedAccessToken); $newAccessTokenToSave = $newLongLiveUserAccessToken->getValue();
  2. Hi @ThomasH In file PagePDF.php on lines 32,33,34 change to: use ProcessWire\Pagefile; use ProcessWire\Pageimage; use ProcessWire\Pageimages; and in file PagePDFs.php add ProcessWire\ namespace for Pagefiles as well (on line 29) BTW @Richard Jedlička very useful module for me now 🙂 Thanks a lot! Working on PW 3.0.133, PHP 7.3.8 FPM (FieldtypePDF v. 1.1.5)
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