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  1. Fixed it, it will be released in Duplicator v1.5.0. I tested AWS, no problem found. I will release also the updated Duplicator-SDKs. It doesn't look like this fix made it into 1.5.0 or 1.5.1. Would be great to have as we are hoping to upgrade to PHP 8.2 on all our sites soon with support for 8.0 ending. Thanks!
  2. I am getting an error of 'Class "DUP_Logs" not found' when upgrading to the latest version (1.4.26) when using the Amazon S3 option. The provided SDK is on place, all was working fine before the upgrade. Reverting back to 1.4.0 solved the problem. Here is the full call stack for reference: Thanks for a great module! EDIT: I should note that the site is on PHP 8 and the latest stable version of PW
  3. I can confirm that replacing all instances of ~= with %= in the MarkupRecurme.module brings back expected results. Is anyone else experiencing issues with the Recurme module and PW core 3.0.165 or later? I thought I noticed another reference in the PW forum re: sanitization possibly being the cause of another recent bug. Will post if I find remember / find it.
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