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  1. Hi David, just to confirm, you want to send mails with an Exchange online mailbox? If yes, you may be able to use SMTP AUTH until September 2025 (using SMTP to send mails with ProcessWire). So this would at least give you some extra time.
  2. You mentioned you are using option 1 from here https://processwire.com/docs/more/multi-site-support/. But if you follow option 1 you would have a separate db for all four sites. What are you doing to have only one db, are you using any module?
  3. Hi @nexuspolaris, with only option 1 you cannot simply edit data for different sites. See note at the disadvantages: But you still have two options (as far as I can tell): Setup a web service for each site (probably requires some effort) Using multi instance feature of ProcessWire (as I would prefer). Have a look at https://processwire.com/blog/posts/multi-instance-pw3/#using-multi-instance-in-pw3 With this feature you can indeed use the PW API.
  4. Great, thank you very much for your tip! This has brought me on the right track: I have now requested a fresh copy from the database (via selector). Previously, a Page object was passed directly, which seemed to be just an instance of the Page class. Now it works!
  5. Hi all, I have once again a probably unique request. For a project I am using a SlimPHP based approach, which is connected to a ProcessWire instance via bootstrapped API. In general this works very well - except when using custom page class methods. Method Page::getTest does not exist or is not callable in this context Am I missing something? Or is this not supported at all? I tested it with both version 3.0.228 and 3.0.227.
  6. I'm not sure I understood your requirements correctly either. Nevertheless, here's a hint, although I'm pretty sure that's not what you meant. I think that currently only applies to CKE. In the editor field under input you have the possibility to select an image field that will be used for drag&drop (does also work for pasting an image from clipboard). (Screenshot only in German right now)
  7. Can you maybe try to use filename property? Single file has as far as I know no path property. $mail->addAttachment($file->filename, $file->name);
  8. @applab I actually encountered a similar problem some time ago. But there is actually a setting option so that the paths can also remain separated. Hopefully this works for you, too. $config->setLocation('templates', $config->path('site') . 'templates-dev/' . $user->name . '/');
  9. Hi @applab, I'm sure some expert has a useful answer (I'm no expert unfortunantely). But have you tried/can you try solution described here?
  10. No, thank you for your help! Much appreciated!
  11. Thank you for your suggestion. I have tried to use an or-group. This also does not work, as the ordering of the or condition in the selector has no effect. So if I use the or group, the selector would return the first page where either condition is met (even if type is not Type1). So there is no weighting (at least I did not find any).
  12. Yes, good spot, you're right. Should be "Equipment2". And you're absolutely right, matching the equipment (without matching both type and equipment) is the fallback. With a little restructuring (above is only simplified structure), I now just use two selectors (better than a loop which checks if there are pages matching a type). //Are there any stores which both match equipment and title? $pages->get("template=store_template, equipment_ref.title='Equipment2', type.title='Type1'"); //If no: "Fallback" selector.. $pages->get("template=store_template, equipment_ref.title='Equipment2'");
  13. Thank you for your suggestion. That would be a ideal solution if there would be a 1 to 1 connection. But unfortunately it's more complex. //would return null (because Store2 has "Type1", but Store2 has no "Equipment2"), so should return Store1 (where Equipment1 is available) $pages->get("template=store_template,equipment_ref.title='Equipment2', type.title='Type1'); Nevermind, probably was a silly request in first place. It works with loops and performance loss is minimal (only small data set).
  14. Condition is/should be attached to store_template pages. So one store could have one entry "Type1" and another store could have multiple types ("Type2", "Type3"). There's no field yet for it, but it could be anything (simple text field, multi select field, page ref...). The condition to search for "Type1" comes from external at runtime, of course. But the more I think about it, the less likely it seems to be a good solution for database level search.
  15. Hello all, once again I have a special request. Also this time I am not sure if there is a better "ProcessWire typical" solution. I want to find exactly one page where the value of a page reference matches the value I am looking for. So far so good: $pages->get("template=store_template,equipment_ref.title='Equipment2') returns "Store-Page 1" (see sample structure below). However, I need the consideration for special cases, when a certain equipment is referenced in multiple "store_templates". If this case occurs, the "correct" store page should be selected based on another condition. E.g. if the condition is "Type1" and the search is for Equipment1, "Store-Page 2" should be returned. If the condition is "Type1" but the search is for Equipment2, "Store-Page 1" should still be returned. However, the different types are text values (not numeric values). So I guess a regular sort parameter on the selector won't work. Is there any chance to solve this without using loops? Simplified structure: Store-Page 1(store_template) - Equipment1 (page ref to equipment_template) - equipment2 - Equipment3 Store page 2 - Equipment1 - Equipment4
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