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  1. It's the naming convention of a friend (artist) who I'm actually developing a portfolio/gallery site for.I don't get it myself, but it's really important to him :/
  2. Good evening, I think I may have found a bug in the current release (PW 2.2.5) - I tried to add a new page which is called "0/" (URL "/gallery/0/"). Problem is, I could not save the page - The following error appeared: Error Call to a member function error() on a non-object (line 267 of ...\wire\modules\Process\ProcessPageAdd\ProcessPageAdd.module) I havent looked into it, but taking a wilkd guess I'd say there's a check on an "empty" URL? I created another page called "test" (URL "/gallery/test/") and edited it, after creation - It worked.
  3. Hey, thanks for the explanation. I think I'll give it a try - If it's to difficult or to much work for each photo I'll just stick with "uploading the favorite images twice" (so without the whole sharing-stuff, just two normal pages with the images-fieldtype).
  4. Hey guys, thanks for the feedback - But the person I create the website for needs everything extra extra simple! It appears that I have no choice but to develop an own module for this purpose
  5. Good evening again, the problem I face today is a bit tougher than the last one. This is my situation: I have multiple pages which represent photo-albums (/photos/summer, /photos/vacation-2012, ...) - Now I want to create a page "My favorite photos". So inside my photo-albums I'd like to mark single uploaded photos (standard image-field) as a "favorite photo" with a checkbox - The marked photos shall appear inside my "My favorite photos" page. When editing the "My favorite photos" page I'd like to see all selected "favorite" photos and be able to sort them (just like in standard the image-field) - When deleting a "favorite" photo from "My favorite photo" page, the checkbox of the original photo (in it's original album) shall be unchecked. So -as a PW beginner- I'm afraid I have to create an own module for this functionality (or at least fork the existing image-field and modify it)... Any tips or "best practices" for my idea? I took a look at the PW structure and it appears I'll have to copy the images from my various albums to the "favorite photo" page - Also I will have to populate the image-field via API... Any ideas or suggestions?
  6. I'm absolutely happy ! It's nice to have such an active and friendly community.
  7. *gasp* Thanks guys! I wasn't expecting such a fast respond! ProcessWire just keeps amazing me... Such a simple solution The URL segments are just exactly what I needed. The next question will be a bit more tricky - But I'll save that for tomorrow or so... Thanks again, both of you
  8. Good evening together, I'm currently working on my second website using PW and coming along very good... But now I face a Problem: I want to use the "Image" Fieldtype to populate a gallery-page (for example "photos/holiday-2012/") - Here I display all the thumbs. When clicking on an image I'd like to open the image on it's own detail-page (with the description underneath etc.) - The URL should look something like "photos/holiday-2012/<image-name>" ... I'm not sure if the pager will do the trick - Is there any easy way to simulate this "detail-pages" since these pages will never exist? Info: The gallery-page will never have any child-pages, so I don't have to worry about naming conflicts. I also searched the forum for "gallery", "virtual", "page" and "pseudo-pages" but could not find someone with a similiar problem
  9. Hi Ryan, thanks for your message!I was just asking because a future client of mine is a hardcore Mac user and needs everything "extra easy" ... But I think it's no problem - It was just a "nice to have" feature.
  10. Hi Soma, it does not work - It says "File API & FileReader API not supported". I think my question is answered then... Too bad though. I'll just use chrome then Thanks guys! EDIT Thanks Martijn
  11. Thanks Martijn, I figured that out - But what's wrong with the drag'n'drop feature?The Safari browser is based on the webkit engine, just as chrome. So what's wrong?
  12. Hello together, is there any known bug with Safari (on Mac) and the HTML5 image uploading? Somehow the "drag'n'drop" feature does not work properly - The "drag and drop files in here" text does not appear at the bottom - So I guess it's switched off completely? No problems with firefox and chrome by the way Oh and thanks a lot for this really great CMS! I recently launched sn4ke.de
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