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  1. Hello! its me again, so in the end it didint work, after some days the error is back, any attemp at creating new files turns into an error until i go into ssh and change the permissions for all files again, any attemp includes when users try to view an image that has not the thumbnail size created yet, processwire attemps to creat the thumbnail and there comes the error, so the error is almost anywhre in the page where there are images loaded, the error im getting is this one: Unable to create temp dir: /opt/bitnami/apache2/htdocs/site/assets/cache/WireTempDir/.PFM0.52373300T1574384522RyRV5wmiGO8N23/L1-L2-L3-L4/ en /opt/bitnami/apache2/htdocs/wire/core/WireTempDir.php linea 173 if anyone knows anything about this please help!
  2. ok, i thik found the solution just in case anybody else has this problem, the first time i made the backup recovery using the install.php file from the duplicator backup, at the time i didnt know about the commands to change the user credentials i described in the original post, so the only way i was able to get permissions was using a ssh tunnel and accesed to the file using localhost:8888/install.php, this way every file was attributed to bitnami, but then when frontend users tried to save images their user daemon was not allowed to edit files or folders made by bitnami So the solution is to use the ssh commands to change the permissions and authors BEFORE using the installer.php, this might also be true when trying to use the root installer of processwire, i dont know but if anyone else runs into this problem this might help, thanks to everyone who didn't replied, please leave me a middle finger if you read this
  3. had the same problem, tried with jquery ui and all kind of calendar libraries around, but in the end the best solution for me was 3 select boxes with day, month and year inline, just used JS to adjust the available days depending on the month and year(in some years february has 29 days), and also to convert that tu a unix timecode and feed it to a hidden inputfield for uploading(be sure to consider timezone in your code), so that ws the best solution for me, what exactly do you expect from a calendar input?
  4. Ive been using signaturepad.js for this, its a js library that allows you to put an input field where users can sign (works really well on mobile), it outputs a png/jpg file that then you can upload to any image field you want (what i do for this on the front end is to upload the signature to a temp folder via ajax and then retreive the url and put it in a text field and then input that url to a $p->image->add($url); on server side, this works for a frontend implementation, i dont know if you require to do this using a processwire form
  5. Hello, i recently migrated my project from a shared hosting to an amazon lightsail instance, it was fairly easy thanks to the duplicator module, but since i moved to the new server ive been having problems with the tight permissions of AWS, since the begining any time processwire was trying to write files in storage it was throwing a "permission denied" error, looking around i found a soultion to change the permissions via ssh with this: sudo chmod -R g+w /opt/bitnami/apache2/htdocs sudo chown -R bitnami:daemon /opt/bitnami/apache2/htdocs (bitnami is the default username that comes with the LAMP installation that comes with lightsail) in the begining this worked fine but then i noticed from time to time the error was coming back at random times (it seems to me everytime processwire creates a new folder in the temp folder, it is created by default with the ownership like bitnami:bitnami instead of bitnami:daemon, but i havent been able to prove this) So now im thinking of running the ssh command every minute to stop this, but i dont think this will be very reliable and would like to know if there is any other way to change the permissions permanently so that any new folder created has the right permissions, or maybe im getting everything wrong and i should do something else, never really worked with ssh or file permissions before so i might be really off on this, hope someone here has had experience with this before, thank!
  6. Is there any way to do the modules>refresh via API?
  7. i just noticed that when i try to delete all caches at once using this code $cache->delete("*"); all the modules installed get uninstalled, is there any reason for this behaviour?
  8. wow, didnt know these things existed, thank you very much! one weird thing is that when i used it i got an error stating that "pages() is undefined", this function is supposed to work from 3.0.39+ and i have 3.0.98, ill chacke what might be the problem but for now i just made a function at the begining like this: function pages() { return wire('pages'); }; its a temporary solution while i find out the real problem but thanks for pointing me in the right direction!
  9. I've been using wire("pages") instead of $pages because sometimes the code is inside functions and the $pages var is not defined unless its included in the args, and i've foundin a post by Ryan that globals $var doesnt work at all in processwire, so for consistency i've been using wire('pages') anytime i need to find or get a page, but now im wondering if there might be any difference in performance from using one or the other Or maybe im just screwing everything up and there is another way to get global vars to work inside a function in processwire?
  10. and how can i set the formatted value of an image file created via API (auto, single, multi, string)?
  11. i went to look into that code and made this modification so i can see whats the problem in the log: if($this->config->sessionChallenge) { if(empty($_COOKIE[$sessionName . "_challenge"]) ) { $valid = false; $reason = "Error: Invalid challenge value, empty cookie"; // $reason = "Error: Invalid challenge value"; } if(($this->get('_user', 'challenge') != $_COOKIE[$sessionName . "_challenge"])) { $valid = false; $user_challenge = $this->get('_user', 'challenge'); $cookie_challenge = $_COOKIE[$sessionName."_challenge"]; $reason = "Error: Invalid challenge value, no match: sessionName=".$sessionName.', cookie='.$cookie_challenge.'user='.$user_challenge; // $reason = "Error: Invalid challenge value"; } } and this was the result: User 'elbedroom' - Error: Invalid challenge value, no match: sessionName=wire, cookie=user=U.kakjfc.txoyfTz0jWmFM7KipM8lHIo (IP: It seems strange because if the cookie was empty the the log would be for the first option and it would say: "Error: Invalid challenge value, empty cookie", but instead it confirms that the cookie is not empty but then it shows an empty result. When i look for the cookies i see the "wire_challenge" cookie is there, everytime i reload thepage the value changes, and when i logout the cookie disappears, im thinking there is some code deleting the cookie everytime i do a frontend login before it validates the challenge, or something like that...
  12. Ok, that’s the perfect option to temporarily stop all the users from yelling at me and sendind death threats over email, but you think there is anything in my code that could be causing this error? What should I look for?
  13. Well I just erased all the cookies but anyway it’s not a local problem, the problem is persistent with all users and on any computer or browser
  14. Tried that but didint work, same thing happens even if i change browser, and the same error is happening when any of the users try to login from their computers
  15. Hello, im having a strange behavior at a frontend login, yesterday it was working perfectly, this morning it stopped working without me changing a line of code, so here is the problem, maybe somebody here has seen this before: this is my login code, it checks the inputs via ajax and returns either "logueado" or "falla_login" $username = slugify($datos['login_username']); $username = $sanitizer->username($username); $pass = $datos['login_password']; if(isset($username) && isset($pass)) { $u = $session->login($username, $pass); if($u) { $respuesta->status = "logueado"; } else { $respuesta->status = "falla_login"; } }; Now this part of the code appears to be working fine, its returning "logueado" when I input the right credentials and "falla_login" when im not. So, after this the answer is evaluated by ajax and if the login was successful("logueado") it reloads the page, This is is the code for the page, its suposed to show you a diferent page depending on your role and the login page if you are not logged in: require("./include/head.php"); if (($user->isLoggedin())) { //si el usuario inició sesión require("./include/header.php"); if ($role=="administrador"||$role=="ceo"||$role=="superuser") { //si es administrador o superuser require("./administracion/administracion-index.php"); //llamar página de administrador } if ($role=="instructor") { //si es instructor require("./instructor/instructor-index.php"); //llamar página de instructor } if ($role=="alumno") { //si es alumno require("./alumno/alumno-index.php"); //llamar página de alumno } } else { $role = "unLogged"; //si el usuario no esta logueado require("./login.php"); // mostrar pantalla de login }; The problem is that when I login with the right credentials the page is reloaded and its suposed to check for my role (the code for setting the $role variable is inside the functions.php file) and then show me the right page, but its returning me to the login page, the weirdest thing is when i check the sessions log i find this: log1: Successful login for 'elbedroom' log2: User 'elbedroom' - Error: Invalid challenge value (IP: So apparently there is somethingchecking for an ip or something and its unlogging me right after logging in, i havent found anyhting on the forums about this "Invalid challenge value" so i hope somebody can help, right now i can only login if i go the the backend, login and return to the front end, this way everything works fine, but from the frontend login nothing is working
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