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  1. the differences between the contao and the pw tree are not so big. when you click an item in pw you have the links to edit, move, create and thats quite similar to the icons on the right side of the contao tree. in contao i see the advantage (its not on the picture) to edit more than one item. where pw shines is the markup creation. in contao its hard to customize some parts especially forms and you can't customize the content elements in contao out of the box.
  2. there are solutions out there like sisyphus. but i don't know how to implement this in the pw-backend.
  3. i tried many of these tools and found for my opinion balsamiq is the best. its easy and fast. what i hate most time from the other tools is they are to complicated, to feature-rich. for an online tool you can try https://moqups.com. when you work with a mac keynote is a good tool too. there are several templates for different devices at http://keynotopia.com. in some situations http://www.wirify.com can be helpful...
  4. haha, i send a virtual coffee to sinnut and ryan . first, i began to code the site with codeigniter, but don't call me a programmer. i like coding and do my best but when i start to follow processwire i thought there is a good idea to migrate the site to it. the reason is because you have an user/role-system, a interface for custom fields, the selector engine and repeaters. before version 2.2 comes bundled with repeaters i tested my data with pages but tend to stay with codeigniter. so far i ended up with the following... it works but the database queries and the other stuff becomes a little bit complicated for me so i wanted to migrate to pw. i downgrade to processwire 2.2.4 with nested repeaters and thought the following screen were a good idea... i think my client like the idea to have the whole information about a book on one page. when i use pages i have a structure like book->runtime->range right? then i could have as many runtime or range pages as possible. thats so far the story
  5. i tried to got nested repeaters working and when it fails i read here that ryan closed the option to do this. the problem that i have is that i thought i need nested repeaters but maybe someone have an idea without repeaters. i work on a project about historical books. for example you have 20 sheets of paper of court decisions from berlin between 1850 and 1875 and you have another 100 sheets between 1899 and 1914. that scenario were fine for repeatable fields but now the complex part comes in. the information about the number of sheets can include more than one runtime. for example the 20 sheets above is about the time between 1850-1875 and 1880-1882. now i would need a nested repeater. has someone an idea or can i open the possibility to get nested repeaters working for myself somewhere in the code? thanks a lot... on the screenshot i would like to have the range reapeater into the runtime repeater
  6. First things first: since i was looking into the pw-world, i'm impressed every time. From the perspective of flexibility and simplicity, i thought a dream comes true. So many thanks to ryan for processwire . Second: I finished my first site using pw. Its a very little and simple site for a german driving school: http://www.fahrschule-docky.de Maybe i have to work on the responsiveness to improve the mobile experience... Greetings
  7. hey folks, i tried out the twittermarkupfeed-module and it works well so far. thanks ryan i use this url http://search.twitter.com/search.rss?q=%23schrenz1000%20OR%20from:Schrenz1000 for my feed. the problem is that it doesn't shows tweets with a link inside. is there any limitations by twitter? but when i create a tweet on the twitter website and include an image then it works with the link to the image. i thought ryan used the module on the processwire page and some of the tweets have links to forum posts for example. greetings
  8. Did you try http://www.responsinator.com/ . It has a more "device approach" then the other pixel based tools (http://mattkersley.com/responsive/). When you have the real devices maybe Adobe Shadow is your choice (http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/shadow/).
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