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  1. Hi Martijn,

    Thriough Diogo's recommendation I wrote to you (on the form on your website) about a PW job we started and needs further development. Are you somewhat available? We are in Berlin, and I know that you don't want to leave the Netherlands, so it'd be remote. Can be a short stint or a full-time engagement.



    1. usillos


      Hi Martijn,

      Not sure you have received my messages here or on your website. You may well be on vacation. But in any case, if you could respond briefly it'd be great.



    2. Martijn Geerts

      Martijn Geerts

      Hi Jose,

      Haven't been very active on the forum and I completely missed your message. (sorry)

      I've work again, and still working with ProcessWire. let me know If I can help you out with something.

    3. usillos


      Hi Martjin,

      Great to hear back from you. If you have availability and would be interested in working on totemcode.com, even if very part time, I'd love to talk. Right now it's Diogo, Stan, and me, all very part time, but I think that a few strong guys part time still can form a good team and get lots done. Diogo and me are talking about whether he would want to join fulltime in 2018. 

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