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  1. OK - I have found a temporary solution...I have found that if I set the event to recurring, then the data is output as normal. If I leave it as a single event, that is when my data comes back blank. I replaced my code with the module file that Josh added on page 2, however, that made all my events recurring regardless if it was active or not(but fields were showing values). So, now I am using the default code that came with the module(not page 2 code). Except on my event detail page, I am using the $page object. From there I am using json_decode($page->Recurme_Field), then outputting my fields from there. detail page sample: $o = json_decode($page->Recurme_Field); echo $page->title ."<br/>"; echo date('M d, Y g:i A', $o->startDate) . "<br/>"; echo date('M d, Y g:i A', strtotime($page->Recurme_End_Date_Time)) . "<br/>"; echo $page->Recurme_Location . "<br/>"; echo $page->Recurme_Details;
  2. My admin side looks like the attached image. On the front end I am calling: doman/events/library/ready-to-learn-story-time-multi/?date=1517514600 $event = $recurme->event($page); The following outputs nothing: echo $event->title; echo $event->original->title; ...etc.
  3. This outputs Event: and Orig Date: strings, but nothing else. Clearly I have no idea what I'm doing - any guidance appreciated. I must not be the only one. I've tried all of the above and emailed. Any help would be appreciated $event = $recurme->event($page); I try to output any thing and it's blank.
  4. ***Issue resolved**** Found answer buried in this thread on page 20 Hello - just started using ProcessWire and I love it so far! I am having an issue with the blog module. When accessing anything blog related on the frontend, I receive a 404(regular pages work). I've tried all 4 of the structures, but no luck. I'm guessing it has something to do with the URL rewrite. Below are my platform specs: Windows/IIS PHP 7 PW: 3.0.62 Blog/MarkupBlog: 2.4.1 Blog demo content installed I have attached my web.config file as well. Thanks in advance for the help. Looking forward to working with this platform! web.config
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