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  1. No news in the issue for now. Did I miss something?
  2. @Zeka, thank you so much! Will have a look on that :).
  3. See here. If there's something to add, feel free: https://github.com/processwire/processwire-issues/issues/1304
  4. Is there a limit to how many hierarchy levels you can create below a new page visible within the PW Backend (Admin)? I can't manage to display more than two navigation levels. Page Tree: Navigation inside PW Backend:
  5. I don't know if it is a bug or we maybe missing something? If you think it's a good idea I can report it.
  6. You're welcome! If you have any other idea in mind, let me know :).
  7. @bernhard, yes – see here: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/24847-upgrading-via-command/?do=findComment&comment=209410
  8. Thank you, @bernhard. I was hoping that there would be a nicer solution :).
  9. @Ivan Gretsky, is there any command?
  10. @adrian, the reason is: CI/CD deployment. Steps: Creating a new migration via RockMigrations in git (module is included in whole website git) Updating the module version in git Pushing the changes CI/CD is automatically building and creating a new docker container With start of the container, refreshing should be done automatically which then automatically executes the migration My problem: I can automate the refreshing via php cli, but the execution of the migrations is only handled when calling the website via a GET call. When pushing the refresh button in processWire backend, refreshing AND migration upgrading is executed.
  11. @adrian, thanks – had a look at the code. Does not look any of the snippets can solve the issue. For now it's totally fine to do it with a curl request.
  12. @teppo, nope – does not work ?. I now did it by calling the website with a curl request. If there's another idea, let me know :). Thank you so much!
  13. @flydev ??, the upgrade is already handled by the refresh; but it is not executed ?
  14. @flydev ?? , thank you – but this does not help with the issue. The upgrading is handled identically with wire shell; but the execution is only done after reloading the website via browser (without doing the module refresh via pw api nothing would happen). Any other solutions on that? Happy holidays! Sascha
  15. Hey there, is there any possibility to execute upgrading of a module with a php command after doing a modules refresh outside admin (e.g. via terminal)? For now this is only happens after reloading the application via browser. Thanks! Sascha
  16. The migration gets only executed when the module is loaded. You need to add 'autoload' => true, to your module.
  17. Hey there, experiencing the same issue. Is there any solution? Thank you so much! Sascha
  18. Thank you for this awesome module, @Mike Rockett!
  19. For me, it looks like, adding to property repeaterFields does not work correctly. Changed it to the following: $repeaterFieldIds = []; foreach($fieldsArray as $field) { $repeaterFieldIds[] = $this->fields->get($field)->id; } $f->repeaterFields = $repeaterFieldIds; $f->save();
  20. For me, it looks like, adding to property repeaterFields does not work correctly. Changed it to the following: $repeaterFieldIds = []; foreach($fieldsArray as $field) { $repeaterFieldIds[] = $this->fields->get($field)->id; } $f->repeaterFields = $repeaterFieldIds; $f->save();
  21. There's one addition which maybe makes your live a bit easier – if name of admin area is not "admin": $pageAdmin = $this->pages->get('title=Admin'); $repeaterPage->parent_id = $this->pages->get('path=/'.$pageAdmin->name.'/repeaters/');
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