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  1. MarcC have your seen the nifty comments mgr module?
  2. How difficult would it be to make the categories and comments nested? Has anyone expanded on this profile? From what I can see we are limited to flat categories and comments. Thank you.
  3. Nice thread, thank you guys. Just to confirm...has something changed in latest version since I did not experience this issue? In other words, when I set the field max to 1, I don't get an array back and it is the latest image displayed (which is what I do want). So a single field reference worked: <?php $image = $homepage->logo; if ($image) { echo "<img src='{$image->url}' height='{$image->height}' width='{$image->width}' alt='{$image->get('description|name')}' />"; } ?> Thank you.
  4. Thanks Ryan, I should have said that I only tested it in FF...got too excited
  5. Sweet, just as I was playing with Blog profile thinking how we need this and...here it is I did notice a small alignment issue with the top/latest comment. Thanks again.
  6. A huge milestone for PW, thank you for releasing this to public. Agreed on comments above, very handy study material.
  7. I was just contemplating concept similar to the #1 as well. Simple template with image upload field does allow multi image upload - so basically just 1 page per file type. But it also fails sort as requires uploading first then going to content page. It is little odd to have images filed(s) disjointed from content/body field and usage though TinyMCE. In some cases this is great feature when we want images to be separate from content for uniform display and out of authors hands - article thumb, category image etc. On the other hand using the image browser through TinyMCE does not offer full file manager - no upload. The same for Nico's module (which looks great) but it is more of a 'clean up' tool than something that can be used while content is being entered. So any word on possible central location file manager? Maybe with jQuery rather than TinyMCE - http://elrte.org/ Thanks for your ideas.
  8. Thank you Jasper for the link, somehow I could not find it. Just a thought...maybe some of these forum posts need to be converted into 'documentation' structure similar to API's? @Ryan Thanks, you were right, after I looked at the source code I saw that the browser was not loading all of it...this was too easy Thanks gents.
  9. I just did my first update and to my understanding it is just a matter of - renaming the 'wire' folder - uploading of the new 'wire' folder Now sitting at V and not sure if it the issues are related to the release or my update process. Can't edit Templates or Fields, when editing the entry/page all of the tabs are gone... So is there more to doing the updates or perhaps my timing with the release is the cause of the issues? Thank you.
  10. Very nice, thanks Soma, I am sure I will have to refer to this but at least I know it is possible without hacking up the core.
  11. Thank you Leave it to me to start with the most complex tasks...jeez do I have a gift. I just realized that this permission is NOT an arbitrary name you came up of 'page-publish' but rather something from the core in 'wire/modules/PagePermissions.module'. A follow up question and somewhat related is how would I filter my pages/entries that have not been published aka 'awaiting approval'? (other than expanding the whole tree and seeing them with Strike Through decor.) I have tried the concept and it doesn't quite work as the status field is not available - I may need to update my version. UPDATE: with the new version it is working correctly.
  12. I am sorry I am still having hard time following...where are these templates (physical php files) in Admin that control the entry and workflow? Eg. I looked at Settings of the page shown on the screencap "/processwire/page/add/" and nothing there...there is no actual file or folder. I am guessing that the if condition above would be wrapped around the 'Status' field?
  13. Good to know...for now, I don't need to know about modules About the permissions management...I got that part before posting. But my newly created Permission of eg. "Change Page Status Permission" is completely irrelevant and I could not find any docs to where it IS used. Thank you.
  14. @alan Thanks, I did see that thread by nieldiamond but it did not really explain in what template to place the snip. Just starting to wrap my head around PW and having ability to tweak the CP is great but adds a layer of complexity. But, every CMS is different and getting the concepts and lingo down is 1/2 of the battle The "Admin > Setup > Templates" part is where I looked before but they are just placeholders...still can't find where to actual php files are located or where to use "permission" => "page-edit" @apeisa Yes I am just working with the default install...and still can't find much. I looked at "wire/templates-admin" and "site/templates" and not a whole lot there related to admin section. I did find the 'home.php' in 'site/templates' folder but all it does is call for header and footer includes. Thank you.
  15. Yap, I am one of the followers Thanks Jasper.
  16. Hi there, Pretty new to PW so excuse the ignorance. Just exploring the possibilities with the Roles and Permissions but can't quite see how custom made Roles relate actions performed inside the CP. Anyone have examples or 'Permission 101' link they can share? My goal is to create a workflow where 'user' can only create a page and then 'editor' can 'publish' the page: - either by native "Settings ->Status" or - be able to change a custom field value = that is set to default to 'user' as 'unpublished' while 'editor' would be able to toggle it. Lastly, how would my 'editor' filter for those entries/pages awaiting to be 'published'? Note: I am getting a feeling that even CP is nothing more than collection of templates (like the front end) I just can't seem to find them. Thank you.
  17. Howdy people, Funny how I keeping coming across the threads of interest with the same crowd that is from EE background. I can share the same thoughts as onjegolders having been in EE shop for some years. The addons are great and freelance developers do great work but there are some fundamental addons that EL refuses to absorb into core (and I speculate) due to fact that they are running thin on support layer or perhaps in content with their earnings . What also attracted me to EE is that I had 1 place to get help. Today, you have to depend on 1man crew developers and cross checks where the issues is coming from - the core or the addon. So my suggestion is to provide some means to your 'developers' to earn % and not want to go on their own because you can facilitate their earnings and get a small % for doing so. Keeping things centralized is the key to organized and controlled growth.Otherwise you will end up with dozens of abandoned and cheap plugins that frustrate users that depend on them...WordPress anyone? The big addons/profiles that come to my mind are: -shopping cart -forums (some simple flavor of it...like Vanilla no pun intended) + forum bridges -photo gallery -LDAP connection (great for using this or any CMS within corporate intranets or SSO systems) ...the list can go on, I am sure plenty of users here can share their ideas. PW is sitting on truly excising grounds because so many things have been done right in its lean core. It would be really nice to see Ryan and few other leading devs. get their rewards and financial freedom from 9-5 tasks since it will only lead to better system for us to use.
  18. Excellent, thank you. Honestly I know very little about licenses, laws and how it all works; but it is nice to have some answers ready and as I said, just want to know the general rules and boundaries. Having #1 as an option will help deter the request for additional (and billable) work needed in order to make the theme. This puts us in position to say that it can be done if needed but at much higher cost than just butchering the footer. Some corporate users are big on ego and branding. Thank you again, I am really liking PW so far and...can’t believe it is free.
  19. Hi Ryan, Thanks for all your work...really! Someone releasing their project like this truly speaks for itself. How do you feel about removing the name of individual (you of course) from the admin side in the footer but leaving the software info? ProcessWire 2.2.0 © 2012 Ryan Cramer vs. ProcessWire 2.2.0 © 2012 The reason being, the moment I showed the admin login the first question I was asked is "Who the heck is Ryan, I though you will be doing the work?". So it just looked like I 'stole' an app from another individual. Is there a perhaps a 'company name' that we can use as an alternative? Again, please don't take this the wrong way just asking so I don't step on anyone's toes. As always, thank you.
  20. Absolutely and it seems like there is a solution, thank you. I saw that discussion
  21. Thanks Ryan! @SiNNut - I have not really set my mind on this, just exploring what is possible with WP . CI has a really nice TOC page with some jquerry so that is also an option to presenting just straight up pages as single entries and anchors as you suggest. The idea of 'pagebreak' came from using WordPress and ExpressionEngine but most certainly is not a must for me but it might be for some users down the line. Thanks guys.
  22. Right, something in that line where TinyMCE would have a custom 'insert page break' deal. Page length - well, might be true in 'blogging' world but I am more inclined to think printing, tech 'how to' documents (tutorials) that have to span over pages...in my case trying to build a small KB app and try out PW. Thanks for the pointers, to both of you.
  23. Essentially how do I break up content inside of 'body' field into pages. As opposed to paginating pages/entries. I will look through the link. - thank you.
  24. Hello there, Just curious if there is a known approach to creating a pagination per entry ('page pagination'? in PW world) using TinyMCE or any other way than creating additional 'body' fields. Thank you.
  25. The editor above looks very nice, had there been any work on this? Currently it is odd to make a page called "uploads" then fake create content just to get to browse files. Thank you.
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