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  1. Is it possible to control Processwire hook priorities, other than what the module devs agree on? For example, I have installed Redirects 404Logger 404Search The behaviour I want is: Redirect if possible, else Log page not found, and Do 404 search The behaviour I have is Log page not found, and Redirect if possible, else Do 404 search If I could lower the priority of 404Logger, then I guess this would work as I need it to. I imagine I can modify the module, but I'd want this to be update survivable. Cheers, Paul
  2. This is on the latest in the 3.0 stable. I just commented out the width: 1px and now the images are full width, but don't respect alignment settings or anything. It seems that there isn't css for the alignment classes in figures, only for img.
  3. Did you figure out where this is coming from? What did you change it to?
  4. Hello, I am using the form API for forms, and I have some defaults that are saved via a cookie. So if someone has visited the site previously, if they return to complete a query form etc, the idea is that these are prepopulated in the form. I am using InputFields and using $fieldname->render() to create the form fields. Can I just set the value of an Input field (after first checking we are not in the middle of a POST)? What I don't get is when Inputfield get populated from POST - it seems to be populated as soon as it gets instanced, because if the form is completed, but has errors, the form field contents get remembered from the POST, even through I haven't done a processInput yet. I am guessing I can't just say $nameformfield->value ? $formfield->value : $_COOKIE['name'];
  5. Would you go with this approach for a standard content type site? I really like the idea of decoupling the content store and the rendering - it opens up lots of opportunities. I can see that you can get the meta tags available to search engines, but what about the content? Do you have a noscript option on the processwire routes that dumps out an HTML version of the page, or do you rely on Google's best effort indexing of javascript pages?
  6. I have been using MODx for a number of years, and am looking at ProcessWire. With MODx I have a go to set of modules that I always install - pdoTools, Ace, a bunch of helper modules. I know that with ProcessWire, a lot of the basics that are needed in MODx aren't needed in PW. No need for a resource iterator for example. This makes me think that there may be still a bunch of go-to modules that people tend to use and this would help give me some insight into how people solve problems in PW that are not readily solvable out of the box. So I figured I would ask some of the veterans here what their must-haves, nice-to-haves are? And I don't just mean PW only gear, if you have a grunt / sass / templating stack that you integrate with pw somehow, that would be interesting too.
  7. Hi, false alarm, the problem was my end. I had a GreaseMonkey script installed called "SimpleFormSaver" it was messing up the css - doesn't properly namespace I guess. I realised when it kept populating my posts here with crap. Thanks anyway.
  8. Attached are images of the styles on the element when not hovered, no-hover styles, and hover styles. There is an event listener the modifies these dynamically by the look of it.
  9. When I hover over the green "Add new" button, the hover effect is a small maroon button, and as it is smaller, the hover area is gone, so it flickers between the two states. Not sure if I can embed the vid, so here is the link: https://gfycat.com/ExcitableBlindGalapagosalbatross I have shift-refreshed to make sure I have the stylesheet loaded. Any ideas?
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