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    As someone who's been doing front-end web development for a while for me personally Processwire has been a breath of fresh air compared to Wordpress. Wordpress was better than nothing, but with ProcessWire I feel in control of my site and I can feel good knowing my code isn't bogged down by Themes, plugins and Wordpress updates. It's helped taken a lot of the fear away of Back-end programming since I can easily leverage PHP, for which my understanding is really limited, and create fields in the backend. I do what I can to put in a good word for ProcessWire when I tell people what I use to develop sites. It is pretty unknown to many here (Toronto, Canada) but it's been an invaluable service to me! I know there might be newer/trendier ways to build websites but I really like the Processwire Core, feels like I'm building my own Facebook with all the modules
  2. Thanks Jonathan! Should have checked the modules I see.
  3. I've searched a bit and was not sure how this was done. When I have the browser open I can surf the net all day and return to my site and stay logged in, but once I close the window the session ends I've checked the config.php file under /wire/ and I don't see what I could change? My session time is for > 24hrs so it's not that. Thanks.