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  1. @Robin S Thanks a lot - exactly what i needed! Very nice 🙂 best regards Simon
  2. Hi there, i want to realize a ZIP download with pageImages but if 2 images have the same name only one is saved in the ZIP. So i tried to rename the images like this: foreach ($sweepstake_children as $sweepstake_member) { $member_image = $sweepstake_member->images->first(); $ext = $member_image->ext; $newFilename = $sweepstake_member->vorname . "-" . $sweepstake_member->nachname . "-" . $member_image->name. "." . $ext; $member_image->rename($newFilename); } But then i get an error: Call to a member function rename() on boolean ? Or ist this the wrong approch anayway? best regards Simon
  3. nbcommunication Sorry for the late reply (was totaly busy with another project) and a BIG THANKS for implementing this! best regards Simon
  4. That's what im used to and i wanted it to realize it that way (used cleaverreace). But the client dont accept that images not loaded automaticly (Outlook etc.) So i see no other option in the moment.
  5. @adrian - Thanks i checken the fork - looks good. One little question: Is there anyway to embed Images and link them with CID? I think about something like PHPMailer has: AddEmbeddedImage( $path, $cid, $name,... ) best regards Simon
  6. Hi there, i have installed the modul, opend an mailGun account and eveything works well except file attachment. My code looks like this: $m = $mail->new(); $m->to('someone@somewhere.com'); $m->from('me@myselfandi.com'); $m->subject('Test'); $m->addAttachment( $page->email_main_img->httpUrl ); $m->send(); Im wondering if i do something wrong here? regards Simon
  7. Hi there, first of all thanks for this great module! Im working on a search wich will need a lot of filtering. For example i want to get all persons with a height between 160cm & 170cm and a weight between 50kg & 60kg For the moment i came up with this approche. But im wondering if there is a more elegant "build in" functionality to solve this. The Array $searchFields could contain more or less fields as in this example . $searchFields = [ [ 'promo_koerpergroesse', 160, 170 ], [ 'promo_koerpergewicht', 50 ,60 ] ]; foreach ( $searchFields as $searchField => $searchFieldValue ) { $filterField = $searchFieldValue[0]; $filterValMin = $searchFieldValue[1]; $filterValMax = $searchFieldValue[2]; $finder->filter( function( $row ) use ( $filterField, $filterValMin, $filterValMax ) { return $row->$filterField > $filterValMin & $row->$filterField < $filterValMax; }); } Thanks / ciao Simon
  8. Okay is solved was the Cache Module. I had it deleted on local version - but not on online version. Thats all. Best regards Simon
  9. In this case at a time i had setup the cache module with an timeout of a month ... but dunno why i uninstalled it later. I use mainly chrome with dev tools and set cache to disabled. BTW it happens in all my installed browsers - xcode simulator and my android phone.
  10. Hi there, today i run in a very strange Problem. I downloaded a DB dump from a working processwire site (online) and importet it. When i use this DB with my local development version of the site the $config->urls seem to be "broke". But only as long as i am not logged in to the admin pannel! FYI the online version is just a copy of my local version with one difference - i had to change a RewriteRule in the .htaccess because the online version works with a VirtualDocumentRoot. And now here comes the next very strange thing: When using the DB dump and $config->urls isent working (points only to localhost:8888/) and i make changes in the home.php they dont show up when i refresh the local version in browser. I can even delete everything in home.php and the browser still shows the broken version of the site. I mean that's more than strange or? Anybody any idea to this mess? Would be glad because i realy stuck here. Thanks in advance. Best regards Simon
  11. @LostKobrakai ... That's it - thanks! bye Simon
  12. Hi there, i run in an strange behavior when using the PageTable field. I have a PageTable field named upload - the template for this field has following fields: file (file field) nums (table field) color (colorPicker field) Now i try to get the url's for the uploaded files (in this case 1 PDF and 1 SWF) $uploads = $page->upload; foreach ($uploads as $upload) { $file = $upload->file; echo $file->url."<br>"; echo $file->filename."<br>"; } Which returns: Upload 1 /DB-v2/site/assets/files/1060/ Upload 2 /DB-v2/site/assets/files/1061/ So you can see the URL only returns the path to the folder? And the filename isnt reachable. Anybody have a idea ? Thanks in advance and bye bye Simon
  13. @FrancisChung hidding is not realy a option for me because in my setup they musst be visible. @LostKobrakai hmm when i disallow /about/ in robots.txt - it's only hidden for crawler or? I mean i can still include the contents in my home cause home isent hidden anyway? cheers Simon
  14. Hi there, i developed a single page site where the sections of the site are pages within processwire. For example imagine this case: I have 3 sections about, work, contact. So i created 3 templates and 3 pages. Now in my home.php i include them - so far so good. Thus i get www.page/about, www.page/work, www.page/contact ... and google is indexing this urls. I don't want that to happen because they content only works within the home where the css and js is loaded. What can i do? Can i simply disallow them in a robots.txt like: Disallow: /about/ ... or will this be a SEO killer? Thanks in advance & cheers Simon
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