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  1. EDIT: can't delete post, but I need to check more... there was some error on my end.
  2. @Macrura thanks for the help. Turns out it does work, but I was doing some images substitutions in another file which made me think I was getting incorrect results (was substituting for default picture when there was none, and RSS omits the enclosure tag if there aren't any).
  3. Hi, I just installed the enhanced module on the latest version of PW, even though it is not strictly compatible. I am trying to set up an image from an images field as enclosure like this: $rss->itemEnclosureField = 'post_images'; I would like it to pick the first image from the field. However, the RSS feed is not changed and there are no errors in the error log. I made sure to call the rss with: $rss = $modules->get("MarkupRSSEnhanced"); @Macrura any ideas?
  4. Hi, and thank you for the plugin. I have just tested it and I have a few questions. 1. There seems to be an option to show a link to privacy policy. However, the link is not shown, only text and the button. 2. I've read that upcoming laws will require the website to set no cookies until the user accepts cookies in the banner. However, a wire cookie is set either way.
  5. Resurrecting the old topic but... When I was following these steps, I was getting the error in the console 'mystyles is already defined'. The styles would sometimes load and sometimes wouldn't regardless of browser cache. So renaming mystyles did the trick.
  6. Nice, PW is really clever with certain things. Coming from MODX it is so much better. Thanks @Zeka!
  7. Thanks @Zeka, I have modified the .htaccess and it seems to work. Note for future readers: parenthesis have to be escaped like '\(' to work with jumplinks. I take it this method is safe then - at worst it will lead to a 404. Does .htaccess survive upgrades though?
  8. I have an old site that I am migrating to PW manually. The old links contained special characters like '(' and ',' in the URL, and I would like to preserve the URLs if possible. However, PW seems to only allow certain characters in the URL, excluding the ones above. I've taken a look at .htaccess and rule 16a seems to exclude them, and I get a not found error (not even a 404 page). How do I include these characters without breaking anything? I could just edit the mentioned rule 16a, but I am not sure if that's safe for whatever reason. Provided they can be include here, I can translate them with jumplinks without too much hassle. So, the question is, is it safe and is it upgrade proof? I posted a similar question in another thread (jumplinks), but this seems like a better place to do so. Help is greatly appreciated!
  9. Also, how would you strip a ',' from the link? PW doesn't seem to allow those, but I have them in previous links...
  10. I am experiencing problems when the source URL contains '('. So, it works when I use 'something.html' as source, but when using 'something-(other).html' I get this error: Not Found The requested URL /something-(other).html was not found on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. Apache/2.4.34 (Win32) OpenSSL/1.0.2o PHP/5.6.37 Server at es-local Port 80 I have a couple of old links that use '(' and would rather not mess with .htaccess. I have checked "Turn debug mode on" but nothing changes Appreciate your help...
  11. Indeed, it works with the latest from dev branch. A quick fix, kudos to the PW team.
  12. I should perhaps mention I'm using 2.7.1.
  13. Well, I uploaded an image in the image field, at the top of the bar there's image name, size etc. The last button leads me to the image variations (versions ?).
  14. Hello, I just started testing PW on a XAMPP install (v5.5.30, Apache 2.4.17, MariaDB 10.1.8, PHP 5.5.30) on WIndows 8.1. Seems like I can't delete image variations; when I delete the whole image with a trashcan icon these are deleted (and from the file system), but when I open the variations of the image, check one variation and click 'Delete Checked' the panel refreshes bu nothing happens. I haven't seen anything in the PW or Apache error logs. Am I missing something, or is this a bug?
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