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  1. But let's say, an upload fails because of a memory issues ... shouldn't the files in ..site/assets/MediaManager/jqfu/.files_no_show be automatically deleted?
  2. "Solved" the problem. 1. Deleted all files in site/assets/MediaManager/jqfu/.files_no_show and thumbnails. 2. Upload a single image. 3. Image is successfully added. 4. Publish image. 5. No image in ..site/assets/MediaManager/jqfu/.files_no_show As I said, everything was working fine until I tried to upload about 40 files at the same time. This upload failed after 20 images or so (Empty file upload result). After this I couldn't upload any file. So I guess, the problem is caused by the files left behind in jqfu/.files_no_show.
  3. Files are uploaded to ..site/assets/MediaManager/jqfu/.files_no_show Thumbnails are generated in ..site/assets/MediaManager/jqfu/.files_no_showthumbnails This folder is empty: ..site/assets/MediaManager/uploads Settings After Uploading: Add uploads ... not publish (= option 2) jQueryFileUpload: 0.0.5
  4. 1. PW version 3.0.61 2. local server 3. PHP Version 7.0.8 / Apache/2.4.18 (Ubuntu) I tried small images (file size and file dimension), to make sure it's not a memory problem. Image is uploaded to a mediamanager sub folder, also a thumbnail is generated. Upload mode = default values Upload without review.
  5. Similar problem here, version 0.10 Empty file upload result The first test images were uploaded without any problem. Then I tried to upload a bunch of images. Part of them were uploaded successfully, but not all. Now: 1. i can't upload image files, also no small ones 2. files are not added to the library (but saved in the assets folder) 3. i'm trying to upload single files
  6. Same here, when trying to list "all" or "approved" comments, no error with "pending" and "spam". PW 3.0.41, PHP 7.0
  7. Maybe just a textarea plus "TextformatterNewlineUL", which »converts newlines to <li> list items and surrounds in an <ul> unordered list«?
  8. That was helpful, indeed! I changed the import file from csv to xml. // K.P. See if the export file is where we expect it to be if (file_exists('comments.xml')) { print_r('File exists :-)'); } else { exit('File not found :-('); } $file = 'comments.xml'; $doc = new DOMDocument(); $doc->load($file); $posts = $doc->getElementsByTagName('table'); foreach($posts as $post) { /* K.P. Show all items */ echo $post->getElementsByTagName('column')->item(0)->nodeValue; echo "<br>"; echo $post->getElementsByTagName('column')->item(1)->nodeValue; echo "<br>"; echo $post->getElementsByTagName('column')->item(2)->nodeValue; /* ... */ echo "<hr>"; $comment = array(); $comment['id'] = $post->getElementsByTagName('column')->item(0)->nodeValue; $comment['thread'] = $post->getElementsByTagName('column')->item(1)->nodeValue; $comment['aid'] = $post->getElementsByTagName('column')->item(2)->nodeValue; $comment['date'] = $post->getElementsByTagName('column')->item(3)->nodeValue; $comment['ip'] = $post->getElementsByTagName('column')->item(4)->nodeValue; $comment['title'] = $post->getElementsByTagName('column')->item(5)->nodeValue; $comment['text'] = $post->getElementsByTagName('column')->item(6)->nodeValue; $comment['mail'] = $post->getElementsByTagName('column')->item(7)->nodeValue; $comment['name'] = $post->getElementsByTagName('column')->item(8)->nodeValue; $comment['url'] = $post->getElementsByTagName('column')->item(9)->nodeValue; // K.P. the page the comment is imported to $p = $pages->get("xarid={$comment['aid']}"); $c = new Comment(); $p->of(false); $c->text = $comment['text']; $c->cite = $comment['name']; $c->email = $comment['mail']; $c->ip = $comment['ip']; $c->website = $comment['url']; $c->created = $comment['date']; $c->pages_id = $comment['aid']; $c->created_users_id = "40"; $p->comments->add($c); $p->save('comments'); }
  9. The import modules I found (BCE and ImportPagesCSV) only work for pages. This is just a private blog I want to migrate. Comments are stored in a CSV file. Since my coding skills are limited I'm not sure if I manage to write my own API script. This is why a code snippet to start from would be helpful.
  10. Is there any module to import comments to core comments field? Any hints, tips or tricks are very appreciated ... I just found »MigratorWordpress«, but I don't migrate from Wordpress.
  11. Hi after upgrading from 2.7.x to 3.0.5 I get this error when trying to download a pdf. Superuser/Admin: Parse Error: syntax error, unexpected ',' (line 8910 of /www/htdocs/.../site/modules/Pages2Pdf/mpdf/mpdf.php) User: Internal Server Error The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Pages2Pdf 1.1.6 Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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