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  1. Many thanks for Your good answer! Is that a difficult thing, upgrading Processwire? Thanks again
  2. Hello I made a website with Processwire some years ago and now the Hosting service says, that I have to update the PHP of the site. Can anybody please help me how to do that? Do I have to update the whole Processwire CMS or can I just exchange a .php file somewhere? Thanks for any help Jakob
  3. Hello Several years ago I made a PW website using the blog module ( https://olikehrli.ch/ ). The internet provider is updating the PHP now. The blog module is using PHP 5.6 and it will be PHP 7. Can somebody tell me if it will still run as it should, and if not what can i do to make sure it works fine. What is the best action here? What could happen in the worst case? How do I make sure that everything will run as it should? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am somehow lost on this topic. Thanks Jakob
  4. Hi there I would like to ask how to create a dev server locally? I have a PW Website to test, because it runs with PHP 5.6. and I have to switch to PHP 7. I have the blog module installed and don't know if it will run smoothly with the php change. Is that with xampp? Last time i tried to open a website with xampp, it didn't work because of the php href ( href="<?php echo $config->urls->templates?>...). How do I get that to work? Thanks a lot Jakob
  5. Yes I did. I deleted my templates in the database. Most elaborate and unnecessary way to learn about databases i guess ?
  6. Hey thanks for alle the help. I rebuilt my templates. The site wasn't big fortunately. I have learned a lot. All the best
  7. Hello I have managed to delete my templates in my database. I am quite unhappy with myself. Now I have to rebuild them and I stil have the fields with content. Can I somehow restore them on my site? And how do I link them to right field in the database? The fields in the database have pages_ID....how can I Connect them? Thanks for any help
  8. Hello again I messed up. I have to remake my templates. The fields are stil intact. Is there a way I can restore all fields from my database?
  9. I installed a new PW on the server and liked it to the existing database. Could it be, that it changed/deleted something in the existing database?
  10. Thanks I have another issue A website I made has suddenly a "404 Not Found" message and I can't login to my backend. I changed only the password to the database, but put the new one into the config.php file. PW did an update....is it possible, that because of the update I can¨t login anymore? It is strange and I have no idea what is going on.
  11. Hello I installed PW on my server and linked it to an existing database. I copied existing templates on the server into site/templates, but when I login to the backend in PW the templates do not appear. I can add them ( add new ) , but I want to duplicate an existing website and usually when I copied .php files in site/templates they would appear as templates in the backend. Has something changed with the new PW? I am very confused right now Thanks for any help
  12. Hello Ich have made an new website which is identical to one already existing on the server I use. I have copied the sit/templates folder on to the new site and linked the database from the old website to it. Now my login, which I used in the PW istallation for the admin.php site doesn't work anymore. Can anyone tell me why? Did I change the login by copying the template folder? Is the login written somewhere? I have access to the server Thanks
  13. Thank You very much! Great answers! Have a great weekend.
  14. Thanks for Your answer. I have a follow-up question. The "new" website is on the same server/hosting...does this mean I can use the old database and "link" it to the new website? If I use the same site/config...would this new site use the existing database in the same manner as the old site does. Thanks for all Input. I have no experience with databases, but the idea above makes sense to me. hope this is doable like that. Thanks again
  15. Hello I have to move a website to a new adress because the URL changed. Can I copy all the templates and fields and contents in the fields from processwire and somehow install it in the new address/database? Or do I have to make the content all over again? thanks for all help Jakob
  16. Hi there Several years ago I made a website using the Blog module (https://modules.processwire.com/modules/process-blog/). The PHP version it is currently using is 5.6.38. Can I just update to PHP 7 and it will run ok, or do I have to do something first in the code? Thanks for all help Best wishes Jakob
  17. Hi there Two years ago I made a website with Processwire 2.6.1 and I used the blog module. Now the internet provider is changing the PHP to 7.2. Has anybody an idea if it still will run smoothly? Should I upgrade the processwire? Thanks Jakob
  18. Do You have an Idea how hard it is to install padloper? My PHP is minimal at the moment Thanks again
  19. Hello I need to make a small, easy Webshop for a friend. He is selling 4 music albums. What would be the best way to go? Is there a sensible solution for a webshop within processwire? Thanks Jakob
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