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  1. Hi there what do you mean "Render inline images in body and signatures (using string replacements for the image urls - prepending the site URL), also floating images are working" Currently im using wire mail as my email setup and i create an html email with images included but.. whenever i view it in microsoft outlook the image were block. is there a way to unblock the images in outlook in wiremail setup like the php mailer when using images you have to upload the images within the phpmailer folder? Thanks for the answer in advance.. Here's the Screenshot in outlook..
  2. Hi guys.... Is it possible to render a hanna code inside a hanna code? for better use? thanks in advance..
  3. error here when i installed this one.. also in the part of ProcessComment module...
  4. Also did not work on url variables... i tried this but can't get to work... Here's my url output thefilipinodoctor/search/?keyword=Supranueron
  5. Hi there? is this possible? if ($page->url=='/search/') { $title = $input->get['keyword']." "; } return $title; I cannot return the value of $input->get['keyword'] even though it exist in the url?
  6. Nothing happens is still saving in default location the file I saved it in site folder the name of file is ready.php i'm using Adobe dreamweaver cs5.. $this->addHookBefore('WireLog::save', function($event) { // this part turn on red.... but the changes i've made it is ok..? like wire('config')->initialLogPath = wire('config')->paths->logs; to $config->initialLogPath = $config->paths->logs;
  7. Is it possible to change only the specific logs like the one i created and will not affect the other logs like error...?
  8. Follow up Question: How to change the save location of logs.... The default save location is inside /site/assets/logs/ I added another folder inside /site/assets/logs/tfdencoding/
  9. Hi there, i using logs as my page hits logs, now, i want to get all the values of the created log file but it display only 100 values $items = $this->wire('log'); $items = $items->getEntries('animalabc_logs', $options); How to add " limit (integer) " Base on this https://processwire.com/api/variables/log/
  10. $society->removeAll(); // add this line $society->society_logo->add("http://www.thefilipinodoctor.com/medsoc_logo/".$get_soc['logo'].""); $society->save(); Thanks.. BernhardB I edit your code bec. there's an error $society->removeAll(); to $society->society_logo->removeAll(); By the way thanks to you... you solved my problem... How about file upload like doc, pdf ?
  11. Good Day! i have a problem when using your code @ryan it duplicates the upload of image even though my field image is set only to one image.. $society->society_logo->add("http://www.thefilipinodoctor.com/medsoc_logo/accp.jpg"); $society->save(); Thanks for the advance help...
  12. Hi there, When Creating Pages via API in Processwire.. Is there a way to create the specific page id of the page you created not auto increment. Example: I have a existing page: page_id = 4254 I delete this page and created again the page.. it generate a new page id but i want to use the old page id 4254 in this new created page? Is this possible?.. Thanks in advance..
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