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  1. Hi all, i been trying some things with a customized search form and suddenly it throws an SQLSTATE error. can somebody explain what i did wrong? it's the code from the site-classic template... if i leave the selector empty i get all pages in result, if i add any selector it returns this error. <?php $out = ''; if($q = $sanitizer->selectorValue($input->get->q)) { // Send our sanitized query 'q' variable to the whitelist where it will be // picked up and echoed in the search box by the head.inc file. $input->whitelist('q', $q); // Search the title, body and sidebar fields for our query text. // Limit the results to 50 pages. // Exclude results that use the 'admin' template. $matches = $pages->find("title~=$q, limit=50"); $count = count($matches); if($count) { $out .= "<h2>Found $count pages matching your query:</h2>" . "<ul class='nav'>"; foreach($matches as $m) { $out .= "<li><p><a href='{$m->url}'>{$m->title}</a><br />{$m->summary}</p></li>"; } $out .= "</ul>"; } else { $out .= "<h2>Sorry, no results were found.</h2>"; } } else { $out .= "<h2>Please enter a search term in the search box (upper right corner)</h2>"; } ?> thanks in advance, ocr_a
  2. Hi, i want to use the new front-end editing feature of pw instead of fredi module to let members of a site edit their own page. i know it's in development, but just wanted to check your opinion and/or give feedback. i am logged in as a superuser with all rights, but the following doesn't work. probably i missed something? <edit logo> <img src='{$page->logo->url}' /> </edit> -> the image is not double clickable -> no edit field appears <edit text> <div>{$page->text}</div> </edit> -> normal edit field with save / cancel opens, but no ckeditor, which is set for this field -> changes alerts: No changes to save <edit field='title,text,logo,websiteurl'> <h2>{$page->title}</h2> <div>{$page->text}</div> <img src='{$page->logo->url}' /> <span>{$page->websiteurl}</span> </edit> -> nothing happens when double clicking the area, the context cursor appears. Docs found here: https://processwire.com/api/modules/front-end-editing/ will there be an option to change the action? <edit action='doubleclick'> </edit> <edit action='click'> </edit> <edit action='noaction'> </edit> last thing is something like: all fields are open on page load and a save/cancel button appears. thanks, ocr_a
  3. You are right, it wasn't installed properly. thanks!
  4. hey, i get a fatal error using this plugin with processwire 2.6.1 any ideas? Fatal error: Call to a member function set() on a non-object in /(...)/site/modules/somatonic-ColorPicker-3a00070/FieldtypeColorPicker.module on line 46 line 46 is: $inputField->set('default', $field->default); $inputField->set('swatch', $field->swatch);
  5. move action is visible, but trash is missing.
  6. Ok. But sort via Drag&Drop implies more than a storage of files. A small setting tab with order->[selector] would be nice. or even just a sort->name at the first upload, because most people have this as their default setting at their operation system. they input the images, accurately sorted by numbers and name, and keep asking why the field »randomize« the input. but the module solution is fine aswell... as it is easy to set up.
  7. Thanks for the hint with the Page Edit Screen. Yes Delete is shown there. How can i add it to the »move« again? The Setup is really easy Work (should not be deletable by editor) – Project (should be deletable by editor) – Project (should be deletable by editor) – Project (should be deletable by editor) (...) Also thanks for you replies! ocr_a
  8. Yes yes, i get the point, and tried it. But it won't work. Their won't be a Move - Trash for a User with Editor and Delete-Role roles. Or did i oversee something? Template: Role Editor: Role Delete-Role: Thanks, ocr_a
  9. Hello, is it now possible to set the sorting for the image backend field? - i cannot find anything... (2 years later ) Thanks in advance, ocr_a
  10. Hey, can you please describe for a beginner like me how to » assign the "delete role" to the template you want them to delete«? I dont get where this menu should be? Template->[template]->Access? But there is only page-edit...? Thanks in advance, ocr_a
  11. Hello, i really like this work, but i cannot get it running: am i getting this right: some hosts have ImageMagick installed, but do not allow php_extensions and php.ini changes if i use their managed hosting - so this module won't work? or is there way to get this working? they tell me that imagemagick is running this way for typo3... ?! thanks
  12. Hello, i work a lot with graphical images with type, full backgrounds and sometimes images, not photographies, so its hard to choose between jpg and png. i also need to resize my images for different device widths. so here is what occured: • resizing the image causes the grey and white backgrounds to get some »render glitchy« noise. jpg files have more a stripe type, while png have more a noisy type. • i checked imageconvolution and imagequalities -> its always there, no matter what options i chose. • i checked imagick -> imagick is better at this so my question is: is there a way to improve the gd resize functions? is this a known issue? - i been searching for this alot, but didn't find a clear answer. thanks! GD PNG GD JPG IMAGICK PNG IMAGICK JPG
  13. hello, searching for something like the topic mentioned in the title i found nothing in the forums. so here is my question: i use pageTable and want the children to be »published« on creation, not beeing »unpublished« . the user should just not have to switch to the settings tab and uncheck »unpublished«. i searched through the setting of templates, but i cannot find some setting like this... thanks!
  14. thanks both, it was the allow_url_fopen which was set to 0 instead of 1. would be nice to have something like this (the php.ini settings connected to the api) in the documentary?! anyways, thanks again
  15. Hello, as mentioned here: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/296-programmed-page-creation-import-image-from-url/?p=2016 i want to grab an image and save it on my server (for editing it later). so here is my php. it's pretty easy, pt_embed_youtube is the video ID for a youtube video and i want to use it to grab the videos thumbnail and save it. pt_embed_youtube_pixel is an empty image field, which allows only 1 image. echo the content id is to make sure i am on the right page (this works fine). if($content->pt_embed_youtube){ echo $content->id; if(!$content->pt_embed_youtube_pixel){ $content->of(false); $content->pt_embed_youtube_pixel = "http://img.youtube.com/vi/{$content->pt_embed_youtube}/1.jpg"; $content->save(); } echo "<img src='{$content->pt_embed_youtube_pixel->url}' alt=''>"; } but i get this error and i really donot know what to do with it. is my server misconfigured, or did i miss some code or mixed it up? Error: Exception: Unable to copy: http://img.youtube.com/vi/QxWbOZjxkA4/1.jpg => /kunden/238982_5020/webseiten/club/dev/site/assets/files/1030/1.jpg (in /kunden/238982_5020/webseiten/club/dev/wire/core/Pagefile.php line 107) #0 /kunden/238982_5020/webseiten/club/dev/wire/core/Pageimage.php(630): Pagefile->___install('http://img.yout...') #1 [internal function]: Pageimage->___install('http://img.yout...') #2 /kunden/238982_5020/webseiten/club/dev/wire/core/Wire.php(389): call_user_func_array(Array, Array) #3 /kunden/238982_5020/webseiten/club/dev/wire/core/Wire.php(344): Wire->runHooks('install', Array) #4 /kunden/238982_5020/webseiten/club/dev/wire/core/Pagefile.php(73): Wire->__call('install', Array) #5 /kunden/238982_5020/webseiten/club/dev/wire/core/Pagefile.php(73): Pageimage->install('http://img.yout...') #6 /kunden/238982_5020/webseiten/club/dev/wire/core/Pagefile.php(48): Pagefile->setFilename('http://img.yout...') #7 /kunden/238982_5020/webseiten/club/dev/wire/core/Pageimage.php(74): Pagefile->__construct(O This error message was shown because you are logged in as a Superuser. Error has been logged. thanks for any help and or hints!
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