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  1. Thanks for the useful examples Ryan. That's definitely the preferred route for me. I am most likely to be using the built in multi site method you refer to, yes.
  2. Thanks Soma - I must admit I hadn't thought of that approach, not having dealt with symlinks much before. Are there any potential performance issues to watch out for with using symlinks?
  3. Hi guys, I have been playing around with multisite recently and wondered - what would be the best way to share some template logic between multisite instances? I have an upcoming project where two different sites would have different users and setups etc but they need to share some basic similarities in look and functionality. I was thinking of setting up the sites as separate sites under multisite and then finding a way of sharing something such as a 'main.php' file that each template calls. I would also like to share a 'base.css' file between the sites as well. I want to do things this way because they want the potential to be able to expand into more sites over time - up to 5 or so. What would be the best way of doing this? Thanks in advance.
  4. Thanks Ryan, it's always good to know the 'why' as my education in PW continues.
  5. Just happened across this - I actually really like this. It's kind of edgy - just like the artwork. As arjen mentions the navigation changing is very well done, understated and elegant. One of those things you never really notice as it's so seamless with the site experience. Sometimes minimal work like this is a lot tougher to get across than very elaborate designs. Good work Diogo.
  6. I found this earlier testing combinations of directory naming structure in the index.config.php and thought I had messed something else up . I have reverted to using the 'site-something' naming convention for organisation, but I would still be interested to know if directories can be more 'loosely' named like this?
  7. HAHA!!! Thanks very much for your patience Diogo and Soma! It works now. I have looked through the instructions again and it does clearly state 'Once installation has completed, move or rename the /tmp/site/ directory to a /site-name/ directory in your main ProcessWire installation'. Of course being an idiot I scan read the steps and ended up just putting the 'site' folder INTO a 'site-name' directory. I hope this helps anyone else coming across this problem. Thanks again guys.
  8. I'm sure you are right - I must be doing something wrong. Maybe I have missed something basic. My settings in the config file are: 'ajs-decorator.co.uk' => 'site-ajsdecorator', 'www.ajs-decorator.co.uk' => 'site-ajsdecorator', I have a directory setup as: 'site-ajsdecorator'. In this directory is the 'site' directory as required. I have also double checked that I have the latest v2.2 htaccess file (which I do).
  9. Thanks for testing Diogo. Ah yes, the error log is too old to be relevant. So, that leaves the error exception shown in the browser: Error Exception: DB connect error 2005 - Unknown MySQL server host 'Config' (0) (in /home/raydale/public_html/wire/core/ProcessWire.php line 95) I have setup 'site-foldername' correctly in the index.config.php file it seems. I also get 'This error message was shown because Superuser has never logged in. Error has been logged.' underneath the error exception message, but I haven't had any error messages logged. Not sure if this gives any more clues?
  10. Hi Soma, I have just upgraded (the main site) to version 2.2. Edit: I upgraded the main site to 2.2 last night before installing the new sub site (again v 2.2).
  11. Thanks for the response Diogo. Hmm, the config is setup fine it seems. I have the correct dbHost, dbName etc for the subsite. Part of the recommended setup process in the instructions I link to involve actually installing the subsite as a normal seperate pw site first under a sub directory. This all worked fine with a separate database and site being setup under the temp directory as per the suggestion.
  12. Hi guys, I'm having problems setting up a multisite instance. I have followed the instructions here: http://processwire.c...i-site-support/ and can access my main site fine. However, my sub site located in site-[domain] throws this error when visiting its domain name (I have changed the http root - just in case): Error Exception: DB connect error 2005 - Unknown MySQL server host 'Config' (0) ([root]/wire/core/ProcessWire.php line 95) My error logs show: ? http://www.ray-dale.com/?/ Error Exception: Unknown column 'fieldgroups_fields.data' in 'field list' (in [root]/wire/core/Database.php line 118) Does anyone have any ideas?
  13. Wow, I'm having a tough time getting onto these forums lately, busy, busy. Apeisa - that's really nice work with both the site and the shopping cart which seems a very clean and simple process. I'm really itching to test this now. Do I detect a case study coming on for this site???
  14. Oh, I didn't realise documentation already existed. I was sure that the last time I looked there were only the various forum posts on multisite setups. Good documentation though - thanks for pointing me to them. I'll let you know how I get on if I get the go-ahead to do the site.
  15. Hi Guys, I have read through other topics on using PW for multisite setups and am a bit none the wiser unfortunately. Let me explain my scenario: I have a potential client project whereby they want to have 3 websites all as separate websites in terms of: content look & feel domain names Users However, for me to setup up the websites for them it makes no sense for me to be managing 3 separate hosting accounts and them to be paying for all of that. Also, 1 of their websites will be a primary site with a few thousand visitors per month, but the 2 more secondary websites will only have a couple of hundred visitors. Perfect for a multisite install to my mind which wouldn't tax server resources too much. This to me seemed a perfect opportunity to setup a multisite under one hosting environment whereby domains are mapped to subdirectories or whatever setup I would need. My problem is that I have no idea as to how I go about setting all of this up in PW. I have done this before with WordPress using the domain mapping plugin under a multisite install. All without dealing with symlinks or much code at all. However, I would really like to use PW for this as long as it's not too complex. With PW I can deliver a client user experience in the admin area that is much more streamlined for their particular use case.
  16. Thanks very much onjegolders - I'm glad you found it useful. I hope to get more people contributing Case studies and I plan to write one for my next client site with PW coming up soon. I hope the case studies will highlight the strengths that PW has in real life scenarios (it has many) and help people to decide on using it.
  17. Good site Pete. The development on this looks really strong. Are you planning to do a case study on this?
  18. Now this looks like another great initiative. I'm up for contributing in any way I can.
  19. Great to see this progressing Apeisa. I have been promising myself to test the modules when I get a chance. As soon as you have a PayPal module working I'll be over it like a rash as I have an eCommerce site that I would migrate over to PW.
  20. If I remember correctly WordPress uses oEmbed. It makes content management pretty simple - just put the URL of the video you want on a new line in a text field and you're done. Very user-friendly.
  21. Soma - thanks for building this module, it's the first time I have come across this in the forums and should save a fair bit of time when rapid prototyping. Good documentation too.
  22. Nice! Good to know there are options and css classes have been thought about. I need to look into creating an admin theme.
  23. That's a good usability update, thanks for this Ryan. Have you thought about adding a css class to the list item on a fieldset or tab - enabling you to change its colour? I'm just thinking that colour coding the list items (maybe a dark grey or something) would work nicely in addition to the indenting - meaning clear legibility at a glance.
  24. No problem Ryan. I will get more case studies up as I go along. Hopefully, this will entice other people here to do the same and add real use cases for people considering PW. I'm also hoping that this will persuade people that PW actually delivers on its promise - and isn't too good to be true as it first seems. I think a subforum should be fine.
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