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  1. Thanks for the heads up on After Save Actions too Ryan it seems like a great time saver for initial setup.
  2. Thanks Soma. Fancy Admin mode looks really good too! I think most of my queries are covered and shows how out of the loop I have been with PW recently - I should have searched shouldn't I? I agree with you from a developer perspective as using browser tabs is a fairly standard workflow. However, from a content editor perspective, ease and speed of use is one area that always needs improvement and refinement as content editing is still (by and large) a very technical process for the average person. I'm sure they will appear as the community grows. Time is a constant battle for most of us I'm sure and the progress thus far is incredible. However, it is important to open up discussions on better workflows and suggestions regardless, no?
  3. Thanks Teppo, I missed this somehow, it looks good and indeed it does a lot to address bulk creation of content. It would be great to have this somehow more fully integrated into the UI in ProcessWire. For example, so that pages could be quick edited via ajax in the tree without having to refresh the page.
  4. raydale

    Freeing the Captcha

    I have found honeypot a good and low tech solution often too. The great thing is that it's unobtrusive and doesn't hamper the user experience like the dreaded Captcha fields etc. Great to hear that Form Builder has some pretty solid built in protections.
  5. Hi ClintonSkakun, I do agree that speed of workflow could be improved in certain areas within ProcessWire imo. I find that particularly when first setting up a site that creating fields & permissions can be a little cumbersome, still class leading in comparison to other systems, but definitely with room for improvement. However, I've seen mention that Json import & export for fields and pages is on the way at some point. Maybe a nice GUI could be built for it at some point too that would allow for bulk setup of pages in a very user friendly workflow? PW could definitely benefit from bulk operations in the admin of some sort. Maybe, along the lines of Views Bulk Operations in Drupal and tied into the permissions system, so that admins (or whoever) can have this feature and other roles can't. Also - and whilst this doesn't directly address your suggestions - have you tried creating and exporting a profile? I am currently working on one that addresses common setup needs for me. There must be some steps that you repeat for each project where this could come in handy and reduce time for you. The export profile module can be found here: http://modules.processwire.com/modules/process-export-profile This is a good discussion point.
  6. Nice site Alex. I like the use of textures and fonts on the site. The contact form is well done too. Just out of interest, how long did it take you in respect of using the blog profile as a base?
  7. This looks fantastic Ryan. I will be making a purchase for sure. ProcessWire already seems incredibly scalable and ProCache looks to be the icing on the cake.
  8. Thanks guys. @adamspruijt no need to worry about backwards compatibility. I'll simply upgrade the version of PW to the dev branch now I know.
  9. I only seem to get the error with the Compliance theme. jQuery UI version 1.8.14 is being loaded (and properly before main.js). With the default ProcessWire theme no errors are thrown at all.
  10. Yes, I am seeing an error in the Chrome console: Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'tooltip' - on main.js line 29 (ProcessWire 2.2.9 setupTooltips: function() { $("a.tooltip").tooltip({
  11. This is a great admin theme adamspruijt, thank you. It's beautifully clean and uncluttered. I do see one slight issue with it on page select fields however. The 'Parent of selectable pages' doesn't provide a select field and instead asks for an id to be input. I have attached screenshots below of the issue comparing it to the default pw admin theme:
  12. Thanks for the info Ryan. I look forward to seeing any alternative you come up with.
  13. Okay, no problem. Thanks Ryan. I'll probably be getting a license in the next few days anyway.
  14. I agree Nico. However, perhaps this could be managed in a different way? It seems that a lot of the ProcessWire permissions are tied into the actual templates - hiding the true level of flexibility. Well, maybe the site templates should also be listed under 'Access -> Roles -> [Role]' with the ability to change permissions for those templates within the roles page (as well as the current way they are handled per template). Below is a screenshot of how Drupal handles permissions across its nodes (content types / templates) in one single screen for each role (columns in the table): I think that this would be a usability gain for site administrators.
  15. Thanks for the information Pete, good to know. I am guessing those assumptions are spot on.
  16. Thanks Joss, good find! I'm using Bootstrap for interactive wireframing and the default nav's really bug me as they are great for mobile and tablets but terrible for desktop usability.
  17. I guess it's similar to the optional functions.php file used in WordPress theming, except that you can call them before and after the template files are called, plus, you are able to name the files whatever you wish - nice and flexible. This should help those who are familiar with WP theming to become more comfortable using ProcessWire.
  18. I must have been living under a rock recently, I've only just noticed the 'Form Builder' has been released. I will be getting this for sure. One quick question: will I have the ability to have multiple forms on a page? For example, a general contact form and a newsletter email capture form?
  19. Just catching up with all things ProcessWire lately and am excited by what I see being put into 2.3. The new traversal functions and LinkMonitor module and comments monitor look good. I also really like the concept of having $config->prependTemplateFile and $config->appendTemplateFile to reduce the need to call includes in template files.
  20. raydale

    Checking in

    The dumbed down 'dirty' approach is pretty much all I do! Seriously, it serves as a good point and one that most designers with low to moderate development capabilities (I'm firmly in that bracket) wil be comfortable with. In fact if you look at most of the code samples in WordPress theming and tutorials, inline coding is pretty much the accepted standard. This bracket of people must represent a large section of those looking to use a CMS. The fact that ProcessWire allows for this kind of approach and doesn't discriminate against it is a strong selling point in my view. I'm currently putting a profile together for a website that I might 'generalise' and share - full with inline code.
  21. raydale

    Checking in

    Morning Pete, I think the technical side of things would be too far for the clients I have. However, it would be of interest to some and as mentioned would be a thing of wonder to show off PW's capabilities to the CMS communities. I'll have a think on this as I'm quite serious about showing videos of workflow in PW, which could be extended into more technical areas too.
  22. raydale

    Checking in

    Thanks panictree, I think you've actually hit the nail on the head there with the training. This brings me to an idea of initially offering videos demonstrating how their website could be better managed as well as training once a conversion is agreed. It's a time consuming effort, but one that could make all the difference. I have to say that the strong usability focus is one area WordPress really gets right, especially with elements like the new redesigned media library features in version 3.5. Having said that, ProcessWire is so easy to mould into a very usable system in of itself that the added power and flexibility PW provides make it more than a match.
  23. Thanks Joss and OrganisedFellow. I've been away on other projects for a while. Glad you found the study useful. BTW - this site will be up for a bit of a refresh around May this year. I'll post an update then and a bit more in retrospect.
  24. raydale

    Checking in

    @adamkiss - well I am hoping that I can persuade clients to use PW more over the coming months as new business starts to flow again, I can maybe even persuade a few older clients to give WordPress a break. @MathewSchenker - Greetings to you too. It's interesting to see someone familiar with Joomla moving across to ProcessWire. There is a lot of hype in the Joomla community about 3.0 (with 3.5 slated soon too?), but still no CCK type features in core? I know what you mean about it being less work to start over. Both Drupal and Joomla have been a knightmare to upgrade and design for. WordPress less so, but some of the community plugins and even premium themes used by some clients are poor. I am primarily a designer, but I am still a little concerned about some of the coding practices in WordPress plugins and themes used. I have learned some big lessons over the past 10 months or so, especially in which CMS to use for which situation. I have to say that ProcessWire seems to more easily cope with nearly everything (the exceptions being forums and turnkey eCommerce at the moment). The trouble I am finding is that once a client is comfortable with a particular system, they are very reluctant to move away from it and building a convincing case can be difficult at times.
  25. raydale

    Checking in

    Hi guys, It's been a while since I was involved in the forums here. I've been away working with legacy Drupal, Joomla and WordPress systems due to client requirements. It's been a time hog and not all that enjoyable a process. I finally had a chance to use PW for a project again yesterday and what a breath of fresh air it has been! I had forgotten how easy, consistent and reliable querying pages was, no more temperamental WP_Query object in WordPress or complex render arrays in Drupal. It's great to see how the community has grown since I last checked in, as well as the improvements to ProcessWire overall. Ryan is steering forward in a very strong direction. I'm going to have to get the FormBuilder plugin I think, it looks to be fantastic. Anyway, I hope to be hanging around here more soon as a bit of work/life freedom approaches. Keep up the good work.
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