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  1. agreed, I found that forum right after I posted here, sorry guys
  2. Im having an issue when trying to create a simple field of type 'Table' (see attached image) Receive the error "Field: Method to call is required and was not specified (toMethod)" Has anyone seen this? I'm running version PW 2.5.2, I've got debug mode running but not even sure what I should be looking for. I've purchased ProFields as well... ProFields: Multiplier: 0.0.3 ProFields: Table: 0.0.5 ProFields: Textareas: 0.0.3 When I try to check for an update for ProFields: Table I also get an error "Session: Error reported by web service: Unable to find that module" Any help appreciated. Thanks again
  3. Hmm I definitely need to be able to do this globally somewhere. Ive read the docs but everything points to site specific, is anyone using multi-site where they need all their ckeditor instances to be basically teh same from site to site to site? Here's a brief rundown... 1. we as mentioned are using a multi-site setup and will have likely eventually 100 sites using the processwire core files 2. each site will have many ckeditor instances (ie. different editable areas of the site), easily 10+ in total in order to allow an end user access to modify their website content so customizing each 1 individually and for 100 sites is a no go unfortunately. Basically when we get a new website we will be doing some basic config items (ie. dbase connections and we have a config file page as well and copy and paste a known good site so all the files etc we would need). If we had to go into each editor instance and do up things like extra allowed content or showing all the toolbar options we need we'd increase our setup time significantly which isnt an option unfortunately. Not to mention if we decide we need modifications down the road to any ckeditor items so these types of things have to be global in nature where each site points to 1 area and we can update their accordingly. Is there no way to have for instance 1 ckeditor config file that many sites can point to? All our sites are in the same Cpanel account with 1 master domain (it contains the processwire core codebase - wire) so each site can include files via the file system as they are technically local to each other, not on remote servers etc. Im sure I might be missing something here but having to edit each and every instance of a ckeditor field would be insane for our staff to handle. I'm hoping there is some sort of work around. Im not looking to hack the core by any means, I get that, but our past cms we used this global/central approach was a key item and easy to implement. Thanks again
  4. Ive read the articles on CKeditor but need to make changes globally for CKeditor as it exists in processwire. I know for each instance of a field that uses CKeditor you can modify the tollbar, styles etc but I need this in 1 global place so that all instances of ckeditor have the same toolbars etc. For instance Id like the full featured toolbar set vs the minimal one now set as default. I see if I go to this directory... /wire/modules/Inputfield/InputfieldCKEditor/ckeditor-4.4.3 and in there is a config.js file. Now I believe on the ckeditor website you can modify that and it should have a global effect if that makes sense. So my issue is that Im using multi-site setup where I'll have many different client sites but all sharing the same processwire core and I want to ensure that when we or a client creates any ckeditor text area fields that the full toolbar as an example, is used by default Is there a way to do this in processwire?. I tried modifying the above file and purging cache but it didnt take. Also can we modify the default skin to 'Kama' Any help appreciated. Thanks again
  5. happy to report that by upgrading to latest Page Rename Options that this bug has been fixed for me. It was a bit scary when actual usernames were being modified when you added/edited your display name and I couldn't gain access but this update to version 0.1.4 seems to fix it. This would have been a serious issues for my clients to say the least. Thanks for that insight Adrian, appreciate it!!
  6. kongondo, to answer some of your questions in regards to the blog changing username... Can you confirm what version of Blog you are running? - ANSWER: 2.0.2 It may sound silly, but confirm when you are trying to log back in, are you using your username or Blog's display name? ANSWER - YES USING PROPER USERNAME NOT BLOG DISPLLAY NAMES Do you get any error messages when you try to log back in? What are those messages? ANSWER - NO ERRORS Are you logging back in as an Admin? ANSWER - YES Here's what I found doing more research... When I go and edit a user after installing the blog the Display Name is now required field which is fine. When you add a name ie. John Doe it actually changes the actual name field (the actual username field). So as an example I had a user whos username was 'test555' I changed their Display Name (required by the blog) to be Jane Doe and low and behold it changes the actual Name (username) to jane-doe so it's actually renaming the username. I saw a mention of this item: AutoName or PageRenameOptions module installed which they are so I'll try updating those and report back to see if that fixed anything
  7. Just a heads up. I installed the blog module and it looks and worked great. ONE HUGE ISSUE HOWEVER... - as this module adds a few fields to the users interface screen (display name, bio etc) when I fill in an actual display name and save it and then log out and try and log back in the admin area I'm unable to. Unable to reset password by any means. No clue why this would happen but I've tested it twice. I'm running version 2.5.2 Luckily I had recent backups of my dbase to recover or else this would have left me high and dry. Has anyone else seen this issue as its a big one in my eyes
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