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  1. For better SEO try to place the Meta entries on top before the links/scripts of css and js!
  2. Hi Nico Thanks for the module. As we need here multilingual SEO as for good practice we can't mix i.e. Thai, Chinese, Russian, English letters - The much better way is therfore to have all those textfields made by textlanguage fields and not only text fields. Would this be feasible or would we need to create a multilingual version of the module? Beside the stuff you mentioned already above here are some more fields you should add: MSN Verification Yahoo Verification Web of Trust (wot) Verification Google Crawler Verification Like Google Analytics add Piwik Analytics too. For the Title it would be great to have a prefix and a suffix for the Title which could be recurring if empty. This way you can create great Broser titles from each page without loosing a constant part of the title - either in front or in the back. Title prefix Title suffix ----------- Have a look here: http:// and https://) Piwik ID Tracking id of your website in your piwik Piwik Download & Click DomainSpecifies which domains are internal domains: single domain (eg. “example.com”) subdomain (eg. “.example.com”) For more informations visit: http://piwik.org/docs/javascript-tracking/ Piwik Cookie Domain NameSpecifies the domain name for the tracking cookie: single domain (eg. “example.com”) subdomain (eg. “.example.com”) For more informations visit: http://piwik.org/docs/javascript-tracking/ Piwik DoNotTrack Opt Out users with Mozilla's DoNotTrack browser setting enabledSocial Constant Description Default Google+ Direct ConnectYour Google+ Profile Page ID see https://developers.google.com/+/plugins/badge/ PageTitle Constant Description Default Apply tmpl-sitetitle to absolute <title>There is a prefix/suffix for your pagetitle defined in your root template settings. If you use the SEO-Absolute-Pagetitle settings you can disable this suffix/prefix here. disabled Apply tmpl-sitetitle to prefix/suffixThere is a prefix/suffix for your pagetitle defined in your root template settings. If you use the SEO-Pagetitle-Suffix/Prefix settings you can disable this suffix/prefix here. enabled Sitetitle glue Glue between Pagetitle (from Page) and Sitetitle (from template) : Sitetitle glue spacer (before) Add spacer before glue string disabled Sitetitle glue spacer (after) Add spacer after glue string enabled Sitetitle positionPosition of Sitetitle (from template) Possible options: Sitetitle-Pagetitle (eg. Example Company: About us) Pagetitle-Sitle (eg. About us: Example Company) Sitetitle-Pagetitle (0) Sitetitle Overwrite the template sitetitle with a custom one Sitemap Constant Description Default Enable Enables output (if set on root-pid of tree) and indexing for the whole subtree enabled Page limit Limit pages on sitemap-xml-pages 10000 Limit to current language Limit output of the sitemap to the current language. This will enable multi-language-domain sitemaps. eg: www.example.com (FE-Language is english) will output only english pages www.example.de (FE-Language is german) will output only german pages This option was ported from the extension configuration and will replace this configuration. disabled Default change frequency Default change frequency for sitemap cache (will be cached!) Page priority Default page priority if the page have no own priority set Page priority will be calculated by: ( [page priority] – [priority modificator] ) * ( 1/[page depth] * [page multiplier] ) 1 Page priority depth multiplier Page depth multiplier, see formula in page priority 1 Page priority depth modificator Page depth modificator, see formula in page priority 1 ----- If now this gets combined with a cron job (scheduler task) than you are all set for your SEO needs. Scheduler Tasks Scheduler Task Description Frequency MetaSEO Cleanup This task cleans up old database entries in the tx_metaseo_sitemap table. One run per day MetaSEO sitemap.txt builder This task builds a real sitemap.txt file in the upload directory. Directory: uploads/tx_metaseo/sitemap_txt/ Sitemap: sitemap-r{ROOTPID}.txt.gz If language domain support is active: Sitemap: sitemap-r{ROOTPID}-l{LANG}.txt.gz{ROOTPID} is the Page-UID from the root pages in your TYPO3 installations. {LANG} is the language id (only active if language domains are active). Hint: These files are already gziped. One run per day MetaSEO sitemap.xml builder This task builds a real sitemap.xml files in the upload directory. Directory: uploads/tx_metaseo/sitemap_xml/ Sitemap-Index: index-r{ROOTPID}.xml.gz Sitemap-Page: sitemap-r{ROOTPID}-p{PAGE}.xml.gz If language domain support is active: Sitemap-Index: index-r{ROOTPID}-l{LANG}.xml.gz Sitemap-Page: sitemap-r{ROOTPID}-l{LANG}-p{PAGE}.xml.gz {ROOTPID} is the Page-UID from the root pages in your TYPO3 installations. {PAGE} is the current page of the sitemap. {LANG} is the language id (only active if language domains are active). The index will refer to all page sitemaps so you only have to reference to the sitemap index. Hint: These files are already gziped. But most important is that it contains the ability to do multilingual SEO - which means depending on your language you can display the same or different or additional values in your text fields. Thanks Andi
  3. Hi Adrian The owner and group permissions have been adjusted and now it is working. Thanks for the hint. But the modules from marcus and rob still have the same problems! Concerning the Module INstallation Screen your idea is even much better! yep if you could reach documentation, external documentation, bugtracker and of course the developer from here woudl be the fastest way to get issues fixed IMHO. Andi
  4. Hi adrian you are probably right with the permissions. on those two modules it is root:root (755) which is defenitly wrong as the others are user:usergroupapache 777 (which is IMHO also not good). I will let the server people know to change this and give the right permissions what would you suggest? Andi
  5. Hi Rob are you still working with processwire as it is a while since the last post: We tried to update your modules but they fail in 2.5.5 Page Edit Fold Status / PageEditFoldStatus +1 Uses session to remember the open/close status of each field when page editing. By rob Page Draft Creator / ProcessPageDraft Adds a link that allows for one-click creation of hidden, "draft" version of a page with an un-guessable URL. Changes can be safely shown to clients before being made to the "live" page. By rob Could you please check as after an update still the option to update the module gets called! Thanks Andi
  6. Hi Adrian Thanks for the fast response. I will try. Nevertheless it would be great to have a link to the bugtracker of a certain module directly from the Processwire Module Page. Otherwise to much time gets simply lost in searches on how to contact somebody. There should be only one click be necessary to reach the modules page, which would be on processwire.com and from here with another click it would be great to have a link to contact the developer i.e. to make decisions or also to ask him about customizations or even to ask him to be part with this module in a project etc. It could be very beneficial for both parts. And there should be the possibility to reach immediately the bugtracker and the documentation - further documentation is linked externally. The easier it is to reach the developers and the faster you will reach the issue tracker the more issues will actually be reported and hopefully than be fixed in a timely manner which overall would improve the quality of processwire modules. Also security issues or concerns could be posted in the issue trackers. In General it perhaps would be advised to have a zentralized place for all the development and issues, i.e. redmine etc. Beside Rob and Marcus there is also an an adrian (is this you?) For the adrian the module we receive the following error: Could not remove file LICENSE by updating Downloaded zip file successfully from https://github.com/adrianbj/ProtectedMode/archive/master.zip Could not remove file ForceMatch.js after updating Downloaded zip file successfully from https://github.com/adrianbj/PageRenameOptions/archive/master.zip
  7. We have 2 modules where the update is simply not working like it shoudl as after the update it still shows that the module needs to be updated. We tried to contact Rob but thereis no way from the module page to contact the developers which would really good to have - either as a contact form or as an email link. This would speed up the contact between those who discover bugs and have suggestions and the module develpers and might avoid doubled modules. Page Edit Fold Status / PageEditFoldStatus +1 Uses session to remember the open/close status of each field when page editing. By rob Page Draft Creator / ProcessPageDraft Adds a link that allows for one-click creation of hidden, "draft" version of a page with an un-guessable URL. Changes can be safely shown to clients before being made to the "live" page. By rob Thanks Andi
  8. Hi Nico The module does not seem to work on 2.5.4 "Template "language" is not allowed here.: When we click Setup - Languages we don't see any list of languages beside Default and German While clicking "Add New" the error message (above) appears. Any solutions? we already reinstalled the module twice but no changes. Andi
  9. Hi Josh we will see how far it will help or if we better switch - convince customers - to use something else instead, but thanks a lot for the fast answer! Andi
  10. Hi Joss could you post a link to your Layerslider Tutorial you mentioned above, please Thanks Andi
  11. Coming from TYPO3 I agree and disagree. 1. Keeping images separate is very flexible 2. Keeping images in combination with a textareas field would make it much more flexible. In TYPO3 you have textarea fields and textarea with image fields, than image fields on the other hand. Additionally there is a header (+subheader) field which is added to all of those mentioned fields. header textarea header textarea images header images If you delete i.e. textarea part, than you images will still be displayed and vice worse. This is very very handy as on the image as on the image tab you can choose also how to modify or dimension the image. --- But all images get stored in files!!! And this makes it really powerfull as you can upload images in its original size and than the references and additional values get stored with those mentioned fields when you insert an image anywhere in the system. The source will be always the same size. You can manage the image with a media manager - called "fileadmin" in typo3 - pretty similar to files but with the ability to create real subfolders, upload images via drag and drop into those folder (single or bulk) and all the image meta data is kept at one place. You need to enter only one time i.e. the caption, titletext, link, longtext description i.e. for sight impacted and all those values can be overwritten when you insert into an textarea field. --- The biggest plus of that solution is that you can upload images and other files and let them be managed even by other persons (folderwise) --- The biggest limitation of inserting images on a page is that you have no central point to lookup all those images inserted on pages. The image manager (@soma) is nice as it is using categories etc but it fails as you might have to do jobs twice, which might create duplicated images. I hope the gally manager from (@kongondo) will solve that problem but as I could not test it until now it might be also only a solution like Yag Gallery in TYPO3 which is a great image manager and it uses a page (storagefolder type) to store all data in it but even it has nice additional features you have a duplicated image in the Yag subfolders (in real folders under fileadmin) Where does all those images which get inserted on a page get stored? IMHO it would help if the files manager under "files" would have additional possibilities i.e. sorting by category, or by tags, or meta text, or image size, or even color values. etc. In all those cases all images still could be stored under files in a "wild long long list, which will be quite difficult to maintain, guess you have about 50.000 Images you want to manage. This number is not high for a publishing company (National Geographics - whichis now using django-cms) or ngo organisation i.e. UNESCO (which are using TYPO3 especially because of the integrated digital asset management and file abstraction layers to integrate images also from external resources like dropbox or flickr or picasa etc. which is even a much better (outsourced) solution to maintain images properly) etc. IMHO nearly all CMS store their digital assets like processwire is doing it in a long long list, which is simply unusable if you have more than 50 files to be displayed in a "Flickr" way more or less (they have a similar problem - Picasa is a great sorted solution on the opposite). Beside TYPO3 I don't know any other who does digital asset management properly. Odoo, a great website builder - really intuitive - makes customers happy with the very easy to handle creation of nice looking htm5 responsive websites, but as soon as those customers have more than 50 images they get frustrated as also Odoo is managing dogital asset only in a long long list and you have to scroll, scroll, scroll until you find something which is total crab. Drupal Wordpress play in the same unmanagable digital asset league. I read in another Thread about making Processwire and Enterprise CMS - well without Proper Digital Asset Management it won't get there as having this done properly will make Processwire a number one solution for Publishers, NGOs and bigger Enterprise customers at all. --- One solution I could think about would be extending the file manager with a great search functionality and sorting functionality so you can find assets fast and of course there shoudl be the possibility to sort between images and js files and pdf documents etc. Right now it looks like a perfect chaos. Storing images on a page - OK, but please provide a way to gather all those images stored on all kind of pages on a Summary page so you don't have to search endlessly for them and probably insert the image again and again as you can't find the one you know you have inserted a couple times already ;-) Think about an NGO site like UNESCO Bangkok with over 5000 pages or publishing companies with 10.000s of pages and images inserted on those pages.
  12. Hi all I had a look to the processwire database and it is getting quite messy as not all developers seem to follow some kind of basic naming conventions. i.e. cache (is OK) CommentRatings (is not OK imho as Big and small Letters and beside this it does say nothing about if it is a field or a page or whatshowever) fieldgroups (is OK) ... than we have hana_code (is OK) link_ ... mb_ ... modules module_ ... pages_ ... page_ ... ProcessFieldChangeNotifier (why not process_fieldchangenotifier?)) ProcessRedirects (why not process_redirects) ProcessTrashman (why not process_trashman) process_ ... session_ ... ShoppingCart (again Big and small letters. IMHO it would be better to have shop_cart and than shop_order etc. ....) templates textformatter_ ... users_ ... version_control_ ... ------ To keep the database somekind logically and easy to search and look at it would be great to have some naming conventions in place: What Naming Convention exist in the ProcessWire? Are there any? fields_ pages_ page_ template_ process_ textformatter_ version_control_ users_ What about some additional ones like ? apps_ i.e. apps_commentsratings apps_shoppingcart etc Thanks Andi
  13. Hi Did this project reach its goals? Where did it finally go? It would be nice to hear more about it @yesjoar
  14. How far did you go with your project? Is there a way to get some more inside know how on how you have reached your goals which you have set 2 years ago. Hope to read more about Community Sites with Process Wire Thanks Andi
  15. We receive the following warning: This module does not indicate compatibility with this version of ProcessWire. It may still work, but you may want to check with the module author. Could you please check the compatibility for 2.4.0 and the GIT Version and update it to the current Version - Thanks and it is als not possible to open the zip Error: Unable to open ZIP file, error code: 19
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