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Found 7 results

  1. Can anyone who's used it verify that the MarkupAdminDataTable module DOES NOT support colspan or rowspan? Looking through the repo I don't see any mention, code or way of doing it natively. Ref: MarkupAdminDataTable.module - GitHub Dev Branch In the meantime, I can modify the source or inject what I want with JS but neither feels great to me.
  2. I'm working on a site where I need to output data for a table. I looked at the Matrix plugin, but, I don't think it does exactly what I want...since my particular table is split into colspans i.e. Direct, Maternal, Carcass, and $Index An example of the table output is attached. I've pondered using 3 repeaters for the first column titled, EPD, Acc and %Rank. Each one of these repeaters would have the fields for CE, BW, WW, YW, MCE.... The last thing I want is to have to create a very long list of inputs vertically down the page for each field in the back-end for my client. Any PW gurus here, maybe help me out? If there is absolutely, no alternative to make input simple for my client, let me know if I have to buy ProFields. thanks mucho!
  3. Joss

    Markdown Tables

    Useful resource if you are using markdown for documentation or for Somas notes module: http://www.tablesgenerator.com/markdown_tables Paste in your table or write it up and it spits out nice neat markdown. Saves a ton of time hitting the space bar!
  4. Hi all I had a look to the processwire database and it is getting quite messy as not all developers seem to follow some kind of basic naming conventions. i.e. cache (is OK) CommentRatings (is not OK imho as Big and small Letters and beside this it does say nothing about if it is a field or a page or whatshowever) fieldgroups (is OK) ... than we have hana_code (is OK) link_ ... mb_ ... modules module_ ... pages_ ... page_ ... ProcessFieldChangeNotifier (why not process_fieldchangenotifier?)) ProcessRedirects (why not process_redirects) ProcessTrashman (why not process_trashman) process_ ... session_ ... ShoppingCart (again Big and small letters. IMHO it would be better to have shop_cart and than shop_order etc. ....) templates textformatter_ ... users_ ... version_control_ ... ------ To keep the database somekind logically and easy to search and look at it would be great to have some naming conventions in place: What Naming Convention exist in the ProcessWire? Are there any? fields_ pages_ page_ template_ process_ textformatter_ version_control_ users_ What about some additional ones like ? apps_ i.e. apps_commentsratings apps_shoppingcart etc Thanks Andi
  5. Hello. one of my client site was build with pw 2.3, everything run smoothly until 3 days ago its throwing error (missing templates table). I Checked mysql and the sessions table also missing, any clue what is causing this?
  6. Still a newbie to both processwire and php.......just checking that my thinking is long the right track I want to set up a heirachical site with the following structure Categories (6) > Subcategories (3 per parent) > Sub-subcategories(2-10 per parent) >Items (1-10 per parent). References to the various levels of the heirachy will need to be available to other pages on the site. I get the idea of doing it in pages with relational page fields, nicely explained in Tutorial: Approaches to categorising site content . It looks as though it is also possible to add tables directly to the database (or even another database). It's delightfully easy to use a template to display the data on each page any way you want. It seems there are two ways to access the data. With the data as pages, I could use a selector to query the database.e.g $items = $pages->find("template=mytemplate"); //or any other selector With custom database tables, I could query the database directly e.g. $result = $this->db->query("SELECT id, name, title, url FROM yourtablename WHERE id=$id"); Is there anything I should know about the pro's and con's of either method before I build the site. The data already exists, but I'll be scraping a website to get it, so it will be added to my site under program control. I'm not sure whether my program should create processwire pages, or just create some database tables. Actually now that I think about it, both are possible, table first, then pages created from a table. I'd really appreciate any comments before I unknowingly head off down the wrong track.
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